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There is no doubt that SoundCloud is one of the biggest online music streaming platforms. This platform allows you to access the latest songs and stay up to date on upcoming music from your favorite artists.

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In addition to music streaming, SoundCloud also allows you to upload your own tracks like songs, audiobooks, and podcasts for others to stream. What’s even more convenient is that this music streaming site displays suggested songs that might match your taste depending on what kind of music you listen to often. 

On top of that, you will never come across any music interruption as there are no commercial ads like the ones you will find on Spotify, YouTube, and other music streaming sites. 

However, although streaming music to SoundCloud is very easy and convenient, downloading songs from said platform is not as easy as streaming. But the good thing is that this article is here to guide you if downloading music from the platform is your priority.



If you are familiar with the process of downloading songs from YouTube, downloading songs from SoundCloud might seem like a straightforward process. 

Artists on SoundCloud have the choice of making their songs downloadable or not. If you see a Download File button below the track you plan to download, it indicates that the song is available for download. Likewise, you can find said button on the More option. One tap on it and you will be able to download the song you like.

If you can’t find the Download File button under the track or on the More option, it means the song’s creator hasn’t made it available for download. 


However, it should be noted that there is audio with the download function, but will take you to a third party site where you can download the audio. Some of these third-party sites will require you to register or log into your social networks before you can download the audio. In the worst case, some third party servers can only be used as those and they will be linked to your social media accounts.

Moreover, you can also download or save media files to listen to your mobile device offline if you are subscribed to SoundCloud Go + or SoundCloud Go. 

Or you can download soundcloud mp3 using Soundcloud Downloader.

Soundcloud Downloader User Guide

Soundcloud Downloader is an easy-to use web tool that helps you download songs released on Soundcloud to your device in high quality formats. Coming with this amazing program, users can easily and quickly grab exclusive tracks from the popular music streaming service safely at 128kbps or 320kbps of their choice! For more information about how it works feel free read through these sections below…

Step 1: First you go to Soundcloud homepage and search for the music you want to download then copy the Soundcloud music URL


Step 2: Next, paste the URL you just copied into the form below.

Step 3: Click download then choose sound quality


Step 4: Click on download again, on the next page

















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