How to promote your business on social media

To successfully promote a business, you need to use as many promotion channels as you can afford. SMM is a method that allows you to attract target customers who spend time on social networks, get them interested in your offer and ensure an influx of visitors. In this article, we will tell you which promotion methods are best to use and how they work.

What is SMM and why is it needed

The abbreviation SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, that is, social media promotion. It includes a whole range of actions, one way or another aimed at finding new customers using social networks: promotion, creation and maintenance of the necessary image, live communication with visitors, which will help to gain trust.

In order for promotion in social networks to really work and make a profit, it is not enough just to create a group. It is necessary to fill it with high-quality content, work with different channels, invest time and effort in a page on a social network. Many online businesses, such as betting companies and casinos, are attracting customers using these technologies – you can find out more about this on the platform.

SMM strategy

Before creating and maintaining a page on a social network, you need to think about what it should be like. Strategy development, in fact, long-term action planning, for which you need:

  • get acquainted with the affairs of competitors, analyze their behavior in social networks;
  • find out for yourself how the company is now represented in social networks, what reputation it has, whether it is known and for what;
  • determine what the target client looks like, the consumer of your product, what are his interests and hobbies, the format of communication and needs;
  • create a unique selling proposition that you will subsequently promote using social networks and which should show users why they should choose your company;
  • Learn how to position yourself on social media.

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Positioning falls into three categories:

  • strictly commercial, in which only information related to cooperation is published in the community;
  • informal, designed for communication, in which users are attracted by interesting information, pictures and memes, and only then unobtrusive advertising and measures to involve them in the sales funnel are added to them;
  • mixed, when official information alternates with entertainment and information.

Which format to choose depends primarily on the specifics and desired image of the company, as well as on the client’s portrait drawn up at the previous stages.

Graphic design

Visitors are attracted by a bright, pleasant design that will later be associated with your company. When developing the page design, you should rely on your own brand books (if any) or the requests and needs of target customers. The brand should be reflected in the profile picture, in the design of menu items, and in other features of the visual presentation.

Page creation

Before you create and launch a group on a social network, you need to work out a few more important aspects.


As a group name, it is recommended to use the brand name in combination with popular queries entered by target users. It can be anything depending on the subject of the business: from goods for summer cottages to children’s clothing.


It should succinctly state what your group is and why you should subscribe to it at all. It is recommended to fit information concisely, without going into details: their visitor will find out later, when he decides to stay in your community.


A short link must be remembered and present your company in the same way as the name itself, so it should be given special attention. It usually includes the name of the company. URLs are recommended to be shorter so that it is easy for the user to remember the address.


Enabled notifications and alerts are a good way to not miss bursts of activity among users and respond to them in a timely manner. A promptly responding employee arouses more sympathy among visitors than a person who keeps silent for several hours or even days.

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