How to Make Money with Old School RuneScape

OSRS Infernal Cape is a fire cape variant of OSRS that offers many bonuses. Today this variant is very popular. Why? Because OSRS is an online game that can be a real source of income for the players. The various game bonuses provided are not only valid in the virtual world but can also be exchanged for real money. But of course getting involved in the Infernal Cape is one way. There are still other ways to earn money from OSRS, something we will discuss in this article.

If you want to get extra money, you may be interested in this guide on “How to make money in Old School Runescape”. In the same way, if you are not familiar with the game, I will explain what it is about.

Old School Runescape is a MMORPG or multiplayer online game; The game is characterized by having a virtual currency which can be used to buy objects within the same game (grand exchange) or it can be exchanged for real money. This is what interests us the most.

Well; continuing with the guide on how to make money with Runescape; Here I show you some of the simplest ways to obtain coins in the game, so that later we can sell them for real money and thus become billionaires and travel the world. The best thing is that Runescape is available for android and from mobile we can to work.

Although sometimes making money online is often complicated, believe me this is a good way to get some dollars and have fun playing Runescape; also these secret methods are used by several players who are looking to buy the membership.

To start making money with runescape it will be necessary to download the game from the official website and register a new account; although if you want to make money on the Internet, this will surely be a simple setback; In the same way, to perform some of the tasks that the gold coins will leave us, it is necessary that the different skills (skills) be at level 20 or more; It will also be necessary to have a minimum of 10 quest points, 20 hours of play and 100 levels in sum, since it is the only way to enable the use of the grand exchange.

Sell ​​Trout

Fishing inside Runescape is one of the most lucrative activities to get OSRS gold, since catching trout (trout fly-fishing) is an easy task and each one is sold in the market for an average of 25 – 30 coins; more or less you can earn about 150,000 coins per hour. To carry out the task you must find a place where you can fish; almost all the places where there is sea, lakes or some river; to make it easier for you, open the map and look for the icon with a fish. Fishing is also needed at level 30 although there is a simpler method and that is to go to the bridge that connects varrock with barbarian village; in that place there are many players fishing and usually they throw the trout, it is only to collect them and then sell them.

Lobster Fishing

For this task it is necessary to have fishing at level 40; In addition, you can earn between 200 and 230 gp for each lobster we sell. First we will need cages (Lobster pot) the next thing will be to go to Feldip Hills since on that map there is an area to fish lobsters and there is also a bank nearby, which will facilitate the fishing and storage of lobsters.

Cut down trees and craft objects

Another task that is even easier than the previous one is to cut down trees in the game and create objects; the idea is to look for trees like oak logs or willow logs (we need Woodcutting level at 25) then cut the wood and make birdhouses; Also with the logs you can make arrows or other parts for construction. On average they are sold for about 1000 gold coins each and approximately 100,000 gp can be obtained per hour. In the same way, the success of this task depends in a good way on the quality of the tools available; a mithrill ax (Woodcutting level 21) will be much more efficient than a bronze ax.

Steal from other players

If you like fighting, you will love this way of making money. Stealing from other players while they walk through the wilderness is perhaps one of the most lucrative activities in the game. You will see several players in the attempt to get their membership take risks on that map, which is a free zone to attack and that of the same way they attack us; In this method, it will be necessary to have a good level of attack and defense, in addition to experience on the map.

Hunt dragons

Another fun way to earn money in runescape is by killing dragons; without a doubt the most risky but it is worth the try since large quantities of gold can be obtained; For this task you must have fire armor, potions and a very good sword; besides having the level to hunt the dragons. Another way would be to have a group of friends who collaborate in the hunt for the dragon, although the profits will be reduced since the loot is due.

Collect cowhide

For this task, all you need is to have the grand exchange fully unlocked since it is the only way to sell our cowhide; The task is to go through the places where there are cows and several players are training combat skills in order to collect all the cowhides and then sell them. In general, these types of items remain on the ground until they disappear and if we see the market they are sold for 140 gold coins each, so if we collect the 28 that fill the inventory we would be earning about 3,920 per inventory per hour about 78400 coins.

Mining and Smelting Iron

This method is also one of the best and most profitable for free two play players; It is basically about mining iron and then melting it to create iron bars, which are sold on the grand exchange for an average of 198 gold coins each bar.

With these methods you can earn a lot of money, on average about 2M per hour, in fact most players use it to get out of f2p (free two play).

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