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How to download Instagram Reels?

Have you been trying to save your favorite Instagram Reels videos onto your camera roll, but don’t know how? Look no further! In this article, we will show you how easy it is to do. Most people are unaware that they can save an Instagram reel with just one click. Are you wondering how to download reels from your favorite people on Instagram? Keep reading for the solution.

How to Save Instagram Reels Easily

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to save any reel from Instagram onto your phone or computer. To save an Instagram reel onto your camera roll, follow the instructions below.

            • Before anything else, open the Instagram app and sign in with your active account.
            • Find the Reels you want to save from your profile.
            • To start, open the reels and click on the button with three dots.

            • After you’re done, go to the options and select Save Video.

            • Your Instagram reel will automatically be saved to your camera roll.

        How to save someone’s Instagram reels to your camera roll.

        If you find another user’s reel cool and want to save it into your gallery, here’s how to do so easily.

            • First, go to Instagram and find the reels you want to save.
            • To save your progress, open the reels and tap the three-dots button.

            • Click Save.
            • To open the saved video, select the Profile icon.
            • Then go to the three dashes icon at the top right of the screen.

            • Choose the Saved option from the sidebar.

            • This is where we keep all the videos you have saved.

        However, it’s crucial to realize that this only provides the option to save reels within the app- not downloading or saving it to your gallery. If you want to download it, you need external apps or online services.

        Do not worry, we will tell you what you need to do about that.Choose the online service or application which suits you well and go on to the next discussion.

        Save Instagram Reels Online

        Saving reels with online services is the best potential choice you can make. Rather than downloading and installing an additional app on your device, all you have to do is copy-paste the reel’s URL and use Instadp. In only a few moments, you could have saved the video to your gallery!

        Download Instagram Reels

        Try if you’re looking for a great Instagram downloader. You can save any reel or video by simply following these steps:

            • If you want to start over, go to Instagram and find the reels. Once you click on the three-dots button, the process will begin.
            • Copy the URL.
            • Go to
            • Find Instagram Reels Downloader.

            • Paste the URL you copied into the URL Box.
            • Please enter your URL below and wait a moment for the website to process it.
            • Click Download.


        Downloading reels from Instagram is easy and fun. Use to easily download your favorite videos or reels in just a few moments! With this simple solution you will be able to save the content of your choice right away. Enjoy!

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