How Can You Find Your Package During International Shipping?

4PX : How To Find Your Package ?

Since the invention of online shopping, one issue that has posed a challenge for the sector is the ability for e-shoppers to track and find their online purchases. This challenge has led to a slow and declining growth of the sector as people are not yet confident in the safe delivery of their orders.

According to a survey conducted in 2020, 70% of e-shoppers only order goods online because their goods are trackable. This is to say that e-commerce platforms that do not provide features that enable parcel tracking and finding stand little chance of surviving in the future. 4px, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, is currently developing more innovative ways that can boost customers’ shopping experiences, especially in the area of parcel tracking and finding. They have increased the efficiency of the 4px tracking code to enable e-shoppers to keep tabs on the goods from any location. As this article continues, we will further discuss tools that can be used along with 4px to trace and find online purchases.

Tracking And Finding Your Order Using Ordertracker

There is a level of peace and comfort you have knowing your package’s exact location. This comfort can be achieved when you use reliable tracking tools that provide accurate and timely information concerning the status of your package. One platform that offers this comfort and more is Ordertracker.

Ordertracker is a digitized tracking tool that provides real-time updates on the status of any online purchase eligible for tracking. This platform has impressive features that allow users to monitor their goods and estimate delivery dates and times. The platform also supports a record of 1,200 national and private courier services, a feature that gives it an edge over other tracking platforms. For people who ship in bulk, Ordertracker allows shoppers to keep tabs on their orders simultaneously in here for more About instagram

You can also use 4px to track and find your order; the only issue is that the 4px tracking system does not process tracking codes from other courier services.

4px Logistics Shipment Understanding

When online purchases are made, and 4px is selected as the preferred shipping agent, the package delivery is expected to be fast, cost-effective, and reliable. The 4px officials must first inspect the package to be shipped to ensure that the goods are in good condition and meet the minimum shipping requirements. Once the examination process has been completed, a 4px tracking code is assigned to the package for easy identification, storage, and tracing. This 4px shipping ID is a 13-digit code consisting of 9 numbers and 4 letters. With the current technological advancement in shipping and tracking parcels, bar codes are also now used in identifying packages. You are expected to receive your package tracking number or barcode before shipment, either from the merchant, 4px, or both parties.

When To Expect Your Package With 4px

There are so many factors that can affect the early delivery of your package. Some of these factors are man-made, such as traffic, while others are natural, such as the weather. Nevertheless, with all things being equal, here is the expected time for delivery across countries and regions.

  • Shoppers in North America should expect their parcel in 4–15 days ;
  • Shoppers in Europe should expect their parcel in 15-20 days ;
  • Shoppers in South America should expect the parcel in 20–25 days ;
  • Shoppers in the Middle East should expect their parcel in 30 days ;
  • Shoppers in Africa should expect their parcel in over 30 days.

Bottom Line

Finding your package when shipping with 4px has been made easy. All you need to do is visit Ordertracker, register, and type in your tracking code, and the necessary information will be displayed.

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