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Healthy office furniture for a relaxed and productive working day

The human body is not made for sitting. Back pain, neck tension and bad posture are inevitable. Nevertheless, there are a large number of people who have to sit a lot for professional reasons.

People who work in offices spend up to 80,000 hours of their lives sitting. This is not healthy in the long run. It can therefore also happen that the complaints become so severe that employees are absent, possibly even for a longer period of time.

Fortunately, in recent years many people have thought about how to make everyday work easier and optimize it. Ergonomic furniture is a very good purchase to relieve the body in everyday work. From 800 euros you can get an ergonomic chair, from 1600 euros a whole package of height-adjustable table, ergonomic screen and seating. That may sound like a lot at first. However, if you consider that employees who are constantly off work also cause problems, it is definitely worth investing something and considering an acquisition.

The right posture

When you’re sitting for eight hours a day, proper posture is key, and the right furniture can go a long way. Good office furniture adapts to the individual employee. The top edge of the screen should be positioned so that the top edge is at eye level. This allows the head to be held straight and is in an upright position. The arms should be able to rest comfortably so that it is possible to keep the shoulders relaxed and loose. If the table is too high, the shoulders automatically go up with it, which can lead to neck tension.

Legs and upper body should be aligned at a 90 degree angle to the office furniture. An upright posture, a straight head facing forward, knees and ankles in line so that the feet have good contact with the floor, help to prevent poor posture and tension.

When working in a sedentary position, breaks and changes of position are essential. If you remain in one position for too long, it’s bad for your spine and the fluid in your intervertebral discs. Here, a standing desk offers a wonderful opportunity to adopt a different posture and not interrupt one’s work. Alternating sitting and standing regularly is beneficial for your physical health, and a height-adjustable desk makes this simple and easy.

The right chair

Apart from the table and the right table height, the chair is of course another important point. After all, you sit on one for the vast majority of the day. Meanwhile, there are many different functions, so that working becomes very comfortable. The right chair allows the employee to sit in a relaxed manner. Be it the seat height, the arm or backrest. Everything can be adjusted individually. In the case of a chair with 3 D seating, the chair adapts to every slight movement and is therefore particularly well suited to prevent back pain.

Ergonomic accessories

The possibilities to facilitate the workday go beyond the ergonomic chair or a standing desk. You should also make sure that your keyboard and mouse are specially shaped to prevent pain in the shoulders and wrists. Furthermore, the right color of the keyboard can be crucial, so a light keyboard with black font is easy on the eyes.

As for the screen, apart from the right height, one should prefer one with a matte surface to one with a glossy one. This is also easier on the eyes.

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