Get to Know This Creative and Flamboyant Artist David Phan

David Phan is the true definition of creative and vivid in the music industry. In such a short while after getting into the industry, he is already revolutionizing the music industry. David has created 21st Century music that is intentional to the listener. His songs are absorbing, have heartfelt tempo and rhythm, head-shaking beats, internalizing lyrics, and he brings out content in a natural way. His songs are soul-soothing and trigger one to keep replaying the songs.

David’s Background

David Phan was born in Toronto, Canada, and raised by a single mother. His mother was an immigrant from Vietnam. At a very young age, David was exposed to financial struggles and thus understood the virtue of hard work. He thus grew up to become very prudent, doing whatever he could to make money.

He also grew up dyslexic and thus disliked school. The curriculum does not support people like him and therefore he had to study and work three times harder. He enrolled in a few programs but dropped out because he had no idea of the profession he would take.

Amidst all challenges, David had a gift in arts. He loved and still loves music that he understands in and out, thus making massive progress for himself. Besides music, David is also a business consultant, PR strategist, and entrepreneur, with quite an established profile in his digital marketing agency.

Why David’s Music is a Vibe

David Phan is thriving because of his enthusiasm in all his endeavors. He found his passion in music, curated it, and pursued it with determination. It is through this passion that David creates a beautiful form of art in music. This enthusiasm encourages him to go above and beyond to make sensational music.

He has admirable skills, and his latest project is a statement of his creative genius. His latest release is an EP titled “Speak of the Demon.” It has six incredible tracks, Curves, Game on, Hit the Road, Circle of Death, So far So great, and Around the Bush. The first song, Curves, features guitars, drums, and overall music that would make you shake your head. Beats start fast and slowly ebbs into Rallentando.

David Phan has the sound, lyrics, flow, and instrumentals. Upon listening to his songs, you will undoubtedly add vibrance to your life. He knows what listeners want to hear and is always there to satisfy that urge. He brings out relatable lyrics for listeners to confide in.

David Phan also connects with his fans through his authenticity. Being open in his lyrics, freely expressing how and what he feels, allows the audience to echo with him. He finds fulfillment in relating with his fans.


David Phan is an icon to the young generation and will undoubtedly make it big in the global scene. He stands out from the rest through his flamboyance and creativity. His steps are admirable and encouraging. You can listen to his songs on Apple or Spotify.





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