First Impressions: Bandai Namco Bless Unleashed

When Bandai Namco and Neowiz announced that they were making a console version of Bless Online I was very excited because, despite the problems reported by the PC MMORPG, its theme and gameplay style always seemed very interesting to me. The game will reach consoles in free to play format, with Xbox One being the first platform to receive it, under the name of Bless Unleashed, with a remade version from scratch, focusing on the console’s interface and controls and with a system of brand new gameplay and navigation. Bless Unleashed Star Seeds is one of the important resources in Bless Unleashed. You can Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds from

The MMORPG genre has a very wide audience and is growing more and more on consoles, with games made or ported to these platforms, however, with so many options these games need to offer a differential both in quality and in the world, to keep players interested and active in your universe.

Interesting but unresponsive gameplay

A very important thing in MMORPGs is classes, as they define how you can play. Bless Unleashed will feature Berserker, Mage, Ranger, Priest and Crusader classes, each of which has its own set of unique moves and combos. The developers have already revealed that more classes will be added after the game is released as part of the free updates schedule, however at launch, only these classes will be available, and all of them were released during the Closed Beta. I tested a ranged class, the Ranger, with its attacks using a bow, and some Berseker focused on melee attacks. I did it this way to feel how the gameplay develops with different character styles.

The commands are very simple and are well inserted for the Xbox One controls, with special abilities that can be allocated to the buttons, as well as normal and concentrated attacks, dodge, lock aim and reload resources (arrows, mana…). In addition, the game also offers a combo system, with buttons that appear on the screen to create stronger attacks in sequence. The combat mixes more action-focused combat and combos, as in Black Desert Online, for example, with a more tactical pace, as seen in The Elder Scrolls Online. An interesting mix that makes combat fun with the options offered, however, the response rate of this is quite problematic. Often the buttons and combos appear on the screen too quickly, causing the player to miss the hits, as the way this works is very poorly implemented, as there should be a better time for the player to perform these combos, with a system similar to Skyforge and that works very well on consoles.

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During gameplay the targeting system also presents problems and stops marking the enemy out of nowhere, making the player not have the feeling of control over their character, as the commands do not respond well. A lot of improvements are needed for the final version so that the game really offers a feeling of fun for the player.

An interesting world, but one that needs a lot of improvements

Initially, the graphical presentation of the game pleased me a lot, with characters well presented, both our character, enemies and NPCs, the scenarios are also beautiful and well detailed, but this only applies to environments close to the player’s screen, as long-distance textures are extremely poor. When we look at the farther mountains and forests the result is appalling, and they need a lot of improvement. The characters themselves perform well on screen, but when you look at them on the regular screen, they miss a lot of their detail. Another weak point of this graphical part is the cutscenes, which clearly seem far from finished, with a lack of textures and excessive crashes. The way it was presented it was better not to show it. Even with all these problems.

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Final Opinion

Bless Unleashed has a huge potential, with a wide world full of interesting activities and challenges, but it lacks a lot of polishing, especially in the long screen distances, in addition to the erratic performance, which brought drops and oscillations during the game. The gameplay has a very good fun factor, but it also needs polishing, to make the mechanics more responsive and under the player’s control.

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