Everything you need to know about swing for beginners and beyond

Some sexologists believe that swing – the exchange of sexual partners – can save a marriage. To resort to such exchange only, for this reason, it seems to us, is not worth it. But if you and your partner are seriously considering becoming swingers, read our article. In it, we have collected all the most useful information for beginners.

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Some facts about swing

According to sociologist Mark Roberts, a swing is “an increasingly popular safe leisure activity for established middle-class couples.” Swingers are often confused with group sex, but swingers are always married couples. In principle, the so-called open swing involves group sex, but the variant of “closed swing” is more common when couples retire in different rooms, exchanging partners.

In addition, unlike group sex, which can include women and men selling sex services, people in a state of intoxication and just unfamiliar partners, swing has its own fairly clear ideology and rules. Last but not least, the possibility of only married couples participating in swings arises for health reasons.

Thus, the periodically encountered concept of “singer single” actually has little to do with the swing in its classical sense. According to the internal code, forcing someone to swing, trying to destroy a marriage, showing disrespect to partners, as well as conducting any illegal activity that discredits the “circle of like-minded people” is completely excluded. You can find potential swing partners on special swinger sites. The swinger sites feature various people who either want to start swinging or already have experience in it.

Historical facts about swing

Initially, swing was simply called “wife swapping.” As the popularity of “wife swap” and press attention grew in the 1950s, a shorter name was needed, the term “swing” appeared, and later the term The LifeStyle began to be used on a par with it.

The swing was an invention of US military pilots during World War II. They had sufficient finances for their families to live near military bases. Mortality in these troops was the highest – all this led to the fact that they began to develop unusual social relations in which non-monogamous relationships between the wives of the pilots and the pilots themselves turned out to be acceptable. This trend continued throughout World War II and continued into the Korean War.

Swing is a mutual exchange of regular partners for additional sexual satisfaction. Swingers call themselves swingers. To facilitate communication with like-minded people and the search for new partners, swingers unite in swing clubs, which, as a rule, accept already established couples. Swingers argue that such sexual practice allows you to diversify your sex life without undermining trust between partners, unlike cheating, and also encourages you to take care of your appearance and keep fit.

The swinging community refers to swing as a “lifestyle” or “alternative lifestyle.” Swingers are against the use of the terms “wife swap” or “partner swap,” which, in their opinion, do not accurately describe the whole range of options for sexual relationships and relationships, including both the possibility of participation of couples, as well as “triples” and autonomous singles who are not a stable relationship with anyone.

A distinction should be made between swing and open marriage. In the latter, each member of the couple has complete freedom of sexual relations, while in swing, decisions are made jointly.

Types of swing

Closed swing is a type of swing in which couples, having exchanged partners, have sex separately without being able to see each other.

Open swing is a type of swing in which couples, having also exchanged partners, have sex in close proximity to each other.

Some statistics

In 2018, a survey of the prevalence of non-monogamous practices in the United States found that 2.35% of Americans currently identify as swingers, and 4.76% identified as swingers at some point in their lives.

Some tips for beginner swingers

Wanting to be a swinger doesn’t mean you don’t want your partner

If you or your partner wanted to try swinging, it doesn’t mean that either of you has cooled off. There is a common myth that only couples who have been in a monogamous relationship for many years engage in the exchange of sexual partners. This is not true! And there is an exchange most often not because people are tired of each other. The reasons may be different. For example, curiosity or the desire to try something new.

It is important to define boundaries

If both of you have agreed to swing, you should talk about boundaries. Otherwise, it can lead to conflict. Discuss all the points: how your partner should kiss the other / another, what kind of sex to have / not to have. All this is very important because even during the exchange of sexual partners, you remain a couple. Swing is not cheating. But, if one of you violates the boundaries you set, this can already be regarded as a betrayal.

Don’t forget about protection

A simple but much-needed tip. It is much easier to follow it with two than with four. So it’s better to be well prepared, especially if you and your partner are going to a swing party. In group sex, the rule is: to use a new condom with each partner.

You may feel guilty and ashamed at first

This is fine! When we start doing something unfamiliar to us, there is always a feeling of discomfort. Also, don’t forget that we live and are raised in a monogamous society. Your and your partner’s choice to be swingers is somewhat of a challenge. So don’t be surprised that at first, you will feel both guilty and ashamed. It will pass when you get used to the idea that you are not doing anything wrong. Swing is not a perversion or deviant behavior.

For the first time, it may seem to you that this is not yours

In swing, as in traditional sex, you have to understand what you like. This may take time. But the only way to find out if this kind of sexual practice suits you is to try it. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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