Dos & Don’ts For A New Leader

If you are the one who recently got placed as the manager or a leadership position in the company? If yes, then to be an exemplary leader from the very start, you must follow specific points and consider things necessary to formulate within the management team. Here, we have gathered some dos and don’ts that you must follow to be a good leader from the very start of your management career line. Read further to know more about the same. 

Top Dos & Don’ts For A New Leader That You Must Follow 

  • Do – Always make a layout and follow the strategy!

You have undoubtedly studied leadership programs to get to your initial leadership role or position. You have participated in training sessions and can’t wait to start using the strategies. Tactics, however, are only beneficial if they are a part of a larger plan to develop a lasting and effective leadership style. Think about your leadership approach before you begin, along with what is leadership utilising those strategies. 

Establish important benchmarks that cover more than just your deliverables, such as how you’ll support those of others. Supporting others is a key component of leadership; it is not about you being the perfect leader and doing everything perfectly. It is about your capacity to apply your knowledge of operational insights to help your team members and organisation succeed. 

Always remember one thing. Your ability to lead effectively depends on how well your team members do. Make a story out of your leadership principles and practices, together with the benchmarks and outputs that will serve as its representation

  • Don’t – Don’t try working hard; instead, work smart for better results! 

There could be a significant amount of ambiguity when you initially start in your higher position of leadership. This may cause you to doubt your capacity to live up to your goals. Sometimes individuals may labour too hard to be loved and accepted by doing everything perfectly and correctly. Rather than just following this course, you must concentrate on the value that it provides to the leadership role. 

  • Do – Support team whenever possible! 

Leadership relates to guiding others in various ways while providing assistance. Giving folks a blueprint of how you want people to go along with the strategy is more important than banging on the gas pedal. You must establish relationships with some of those that answer you, individuals senior to you, plus the peer group in order to do this. Building connections will give individuals the security they require to believe they can rely on you to lead them in the correct route.

  • Don’t – Don’t work like you are controlling things; work like you are part of a team.

One reaction that we could have when we’re nervous and in unfamiliar settings is to attempt to manage things. In this newfound leadership position, you could find yourself striving to control every aspect out of worry that you will be revealed or discovered in some manner. Nevertheless, all of this accomplishes is to let others know that you are nervous. It also undercuts the things that are valuable to you. 

You need to be viewed as someone who takes credit and is responsible for your team and the people surrounding you. However, one shouldn’t get bogged down in the specifics to the point that you micromanage them or their job out of fear. In leadership roles, it is typically more important to concentrate on the larger picture than on close-ups.


It makes a lot of difference when you start working efficiently from the beginning of something. The same is the case with leadership roles. You need to be careful with everything you do and must work on mistakes that can happen within the journey instead of being nervous about them.Remember that many companies decide to go abroad through a third party like INS Global

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