Different Occasions & Their Suitable Shoes For Women!

Nothing makes a woman happier than her shoes. We’re guessing you have so many pairs of shoes that you need a separate closet for them. You undoubtedly remember your mother telling you that you’d need a whole house just for your shoes, and you giggle every time you order a new pair. However, some footwear is required for every woman. Buy Now on

This will assist her in matching her attire to her shoes, avoiding some otherwise unavoidable fashion faux pas. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours to pick from. Materials vary as well – leather, suede, or rubber, to mention a few. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 types of footwear that are a lady’s best friend. 

Every time you wish to add a new pair of shoes to your collection, we try to alleviate your perplexity and suffering.

  • Stilettos

In French, these exquisite shoes are known as ‘needle heels.’ They may instantly add refinement to your clothing. Walking on these pencil-thin heels is not easy, but nothing beats the allure of being able to pull off a stiletto. Stilettos look great with evening dresses, slim-cut jeans, and even desi kurtas. It is best to avoid wearing stilettos throughout pregnancy and a few months after giving birth.

  • Spool Heels

These shoes feature slightly more forgiving heels than stilettos. They are more practical to walk in since they are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. These women’s heels are more forgiving than stilettos. Spool heels may be found on a variety of peep-toes and pumps. These comfy shoes are appropriate for many situations and can be worn with formal and informal attire.

  • Wedges

Wedges are the world’s comforters for your feet. You may show off your lovely foot with these stunning beauties. The wedged heel provides you with more surface area to balance when walking. Wedges look great with maxi skirts and summer outfits. You may also wear wedges with jeans.

  • Loafers

If your primary objective is to be comfortable, you should own as many loafers as possible. They look well with jeans, long skirts, or even formal pants on a relaxed day. Loafers, when done correctly, maybe a terrific way to finish a traditional ensemble. They are tight and comfy, and you can spend a whole day on your feet while wearing a pair of loafers.

  • Kitten Heels

These suitably titled shoes feature shorter heel lengths and do not place excessive strain on your foot. Kittens go with anything as long as your ankles are visible and your heels make a statement. You may wear them with Indian clothing such as kurtas and leggings.

  • Mary Janes or Doll Shoes

Low-cut, closed, and strapped style distinguishes these shoes. The strap is typically worn over the instep. They may be worn with heels or flat shoes. You may wear them with jeans or maxis, depending on whether they are heeled or flat.

  • Ballerinas

Ballet shoes are stylish, comfy, and casual all simultaneously. Dressy ballerinas, simple ballerinas, and even glittering ballerinas are available. Depending on the style you choose, you may wear ballerinas with dresses, jumpsuits, gowns, and even jeans.

  • Brogues

Isn’t that a standard term for shoes? These tie-up shoes are the ultimate formal shoes that every lady fantasises about. The boots got their name from the ‘broguing’ process, which generates perforated patterns on the cloth. Initially, they were a style of formal shoe for females. You may wear them with dresses, shorts, or dressy pants, depending on the color.

  • Mules

Mules are flexible and come in a variety of cuts and styles. When going out on a date, choose open-toe heeled mules or covered heeled mules. Flat mules are also appropriate for the workplace and formal situations. Mules are comfy, so you won’t have to worry about sore legs at the end of the day.

  • Boots

It may seem strange to wear boots in sunny Singapore, but boots will come in useful when we have those few sweater weather days. Furthermore, they are trendy and will provide you with additional height. Have one or two pairs on hand when you travel to a chilly country.

  • Slippers

Wearing slippers outside does not sound like a good idea because it is connected with laziness and might make one appear unclean; however, the challenge is to find slippers that do not seem like slippers! These do not resemble the typical slippers on the market; therefore, they will look great when coupled with sundresses for the beach.

  • Flats

Flats come in a variety of styles and patterns, so you’re bound to discover a few you like. Because they are so adaptable, you may wear them with pants, jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, and almost anything! If you don’t already possess a pair of flats, do yourself a favour and acquire a team!

  • Sandals

Sandals are a catch-all phrase for any open footwear. Strappy, heels, flip-flops, or even sliders are all options. Depending on the style, you may wear your sandals with jeans or Indian clothes. Women’s sandals with a slight heel look great with sarees and lehengas, while flat sandals look great with kurtas.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are a form of sports shoe for ladies. They are appropriate for outdoor activities such as trekking, running, sports, and all-day errands. Women’s sneakers have gone a long way, and they now come in various vibrant colours and designs. Choose your shoes carefully because they are very specialised and tailored to the function for which they were designed. Sneakers are appropriate for wearing track pants, shorts, and casual outfits.


High heels are popular these days. Strappy sandals or boots with heels look great with ripped jeans and give you a confident and bold appearance. However, if you are not comfortable wearing high heels, there is no purpose in wearing them and tripping over everyone who comes your way. You might also wear wedges, sandals, or even colourful mules with mid-heeled heels. When you’re secure in what you’re wearing, style takes care of itself! The goal here is to stand out from the multitude.

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