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Do you ever wonder why people convert their PDF files to PDF/A? Because it is an ISO-standardized version of the PDF. This type of file is mainly used for archiving and preserving electronic documents for long-term use. These PDF/A files prohibit document features that are unsuitable for lasting preservation, like font linking and encryption. PDF/A makes a format that can be rendered reliably on any operating system when read using a compliant viewer.

Technology is advancing day by day, and there will come a time, perhaps in the future, when operating systems are going to change as well. To preserve your files’ layout and format for it to be accessible most likely in the next 50 to 100 years, you should consider converting your PDF files to PDF/A too. All the information necessary for displaying the document will be permanently embedded in the file, which will be displayed the same even after a long period of time. This is your sign to convert the PDF files you want to archive and preserve for a long period of time.

The best site for PDF file conversion is GogoPDF! The site is easy to use, fast, and very convenient. With just a few clicks, your PDF will be converted to PDF/A! GogoPDF is web-based and provides PDF-related tools and services for free such as file conversion, file repair, optimization, organization, e-signing, security, PDF viewing, and editing. The site is accessible to any device and browser, and it is free to use. Give the site a try and see for yourself how fast and easy it is to convert your files.

3 Steps in Converting PDF to PDF/A with GogoPDF

1.   Upload your PDF File

Once you are on the GogoPDF site, you will be welcomed with an array of PDF tools and services. Find and go to the pdf to pdfa tool option to be directed to the tool’s tool page.

The first step to the conversion process is to upload your PDF file to the server. To do that, click the Select A File button. A window of your device’s file library will appear for you to locate the PDF file to have to upload. Look for the file, select it, then click Open. Another way to upload your file is to simply drag and drop the PDF file from its file location toward the server or assigned area with your mouse. Please visit for all about pdf merge

2.   Wait For The File Conversion

After the PDF file is uploaded, it will be immediately loaded and processed by the server. And then, it will proceed with the file conversion from PDF to PDF/A. The process would typically take a few seconds to a minute, depending on how large the PDF file is or the internet connection speed.

With GogoPDF, your converted file will be ready in no time that you wouldn’t even realize that you were waiting. The site works fast without having to compromise the quality. They ensure that you get the best service and the best quality output. So sit back and relax while GogoPDF does all the conversion work for you!

3.   Download the Converted PDF File

When the conversion process is completed, you will be sent to the last section of the page,

where the PDF/A file is finally ready for download. To download the file, simply click the Download button, and your file will be immediately saved to your device.

GogoPDF also provides file-sharing services that will help you share your PDF/A file at ease and in the most convenient way possible. The site generates a shareable link for you to copy and send to your recipients. The link will allow your recipients to have access to download the file through GogoPDF. By just sending it to them, you would not have to go through the hassle of uploading and sending the files one by one to your recipients. This is super handy, especially if you need to send the file to many.

You can also send the file via email with a personal message by entering the required information like your email address and the recipient’s.


Who knew that with just a few clicks with GogoPDF, your PDF file is now in PDF/A? And the best thing, you only have to upload the file, and the site will do all the work. The next thing you know, the PDF file is converted and ready for download! The site works so fast, but they ensure the best quality for all the files they produce. Plus, they make file-sharing so much easier too! All that you can find in GogoPDF.

The site is also safe and secure. In compliance with the GogoPDF’s privacy and data security policy, they assure users that all uploaded files are deleted from their server after an hour.

For any PDF-related issues, tools, and services, you now know where to come back to. GogoPDF has all the PDF-related things you are looking for. Do not forget to tell your friends and colleagues about this incredible site. It will surely be a great help for them as well! Until next time!

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