Communication Is the Key to Victory in the Game of Football

Communication is the ability to convey one’s intentions, ideas, and facts to others. This sounds like an easy thing to do, but it isn’t. How many times a day does a parent say, “These kids just don’t listen”? How many times a day does a teacher, boss, spouse, or member of the clergy say the same thing? I believe that communication skills and motivational ability go hand in hand. They’re the same. Show me a good motivator, and I’ll show you a great communicator.

Coaching football is more motivation and mental ability than it is Xs and Os. A coach could be knowledgeable, work hard, and devote his entire life to the game and still not win if he can’t persuade people to listen and respond.

I believe in working with the psychological part of the game. We as a staff talk a good deal about how to get the most out of each youngster. I want players to know and understand motivation. I share material with my staff on motivating people.

I insist that they read it and learn how it will help get the most out of our players. How many coaches take the time to go over each player individually and study his background? Is this player an only child? The first born? The middle or last born? Does he come from a two-parent family? No parents? Foster parents?

We call this a psychological profile. I want to know everything there is to know about my players because I can use it to motivate them. For example, did you know that first-born children are more extrinsically motivated than middle-born children? Did you know that children born in the middle are more intrinsically motivated?

Did you know that studies have shown that children from broken homes have much lower self-esteem than children from two-parent homes? Coaches should spend more time on this part of the game. Some great material is out there. Learn from big business—they’re always looking for the psychological edge.

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