Checklist for Selling Bike Online: Condition, Pricing and Delivery

A bike owner may find dozens of reasons to sell his bike. For some, it may be a daunting move to offer their favorite bike for sale, while a few may choose to take this step after buying a brand new two-wheeler. Whatever be the reason, every seller has to go through a tailored process to get the justified value for his bike. How much trouble one has to bear while selling his bike depends upon the process he chooses to conduct the sale. So, what grounds does one have to justify this purpose? How to figure out the market valuation of the bike? Every seller must have answers to these questions and all other required information handy to sell bike on both online and offline platforms.

Speaking of offline platforms, a seller needs to pull some strings and connect a network that would introduce him to potential buyers. However, this can be a long-term and exhausting process. So, the best one must begin with the process by evaluating the ultimate checklist for selling old bikes online. Sell bike following the easiest method possible to get the desired valuation of the possession. Let us look at the ultimate checklist for selling old bikes online to understand the procedure and all the responsibilities it entails.

Highlight the major features of the bike to let buyers see the worth of the vehicle!

A Seller’s Guide To Ordering The Condition of His Old Bike

First things first, a seller has to refurbish the condition of his bike to get the right valuation. Some leading online portals coordinate with sellers to cover this part but it is essential to keep a few basic things in check. Sellers must take note of these aspects of the sale before claiming a price!

Engine Report

The engine report of a bike reflects its internal condition. It is enough for a biker to know how well the bike has been maintained after the first purchase. Since the valuation of a vehicle depends upon how well it performs, a seller must get his bike checked to get the final engine report.

Dents & Outer Damage

Accidental damages and dents can make a bike older than it is. For a person to sell bike at the best price possible, it is vital to ensure there are no marks of wear and tear on the vehicle. It may not look as good as new, but it should be presentable to the buyer.

Condition of Accessories

The availability of bike accessories is one of the many benefits a second-hand buyer enjoys. However, if any of the parts or accessories are in damaged condition, it may affect the final price. So, one must make wise choices!

Speedometer Reading

The speedometer reading of every vehicle must be accurate at the time of sale. In most cases, old bikes fail to read the kilometers or fuel capacity of the bike accurately. This case can deteriorate the pricing and make a seller lose on some profitable deals.

Sound of The Engine

A biker always tests the sound of a bike before buying it because it helps him understand the internal condition of the vehicle. So, if one’s bike makes a noise that is a lot more than the usual sound of the vehicle, he must get it fixed before the sale!

Tips To Evaluate The Pricing of The Bike

Once the condition of the bike is well enough to sell in the market, a seller needs to set the price of the bike he wishes to receive from the online platform. Here are a few tips to get the justified value!

Market Value of The Bike

The present market value of the bike a person wants to sell affects the price he would receive from his version. Sell bikes at a price that is lower than the current market value after keeping the depreciation rate in check.

Total Kilometers Run

The lesser distance a vehicle has covered, the higher are its chances of being in a good condition, as people judge it in the second-hand market. So, one must keep this factor in mind before finalizing the deal.

Refurbishing a bike is a vital part that sellers must consider before putting their bike on sale!

Overall Look of The Vehicle

The ultimate look of the bike must be presentable and good-to-go. It should look like a well-maintained vehicle that would serve its next owner well. Sellers must present their bikes properly to get the desired value.

Online Delivery Process of Old Bikes For Sale

How can one sell old bikes online? What is the standard procedure one has to follow to sell his two-wheeler on the leading online platforms? Well, the process is simple and includes a few major steps.

  • Visit the online portal of any leading platform that sells old bikes. These platforms procure bikes for people willing to sell their bikes.
  • Go to the “sell bike” section on the page. Enter all the required details of the bike to initiate the sale.
  • Submit the information with a few well-captured pictures of the vehicle. Some websites may also demand scanned copies of the documents of the bike.
  • Once the sale is approved by the portal, any executive of the company will contact the seller and take the delivery of the bike from the said address.

This standard procedure requires supreme coordination of the seller. Sellers must give all the required information on the portal to get approval!

Key Takeaways

Every person can sell bike at his convenience using the leading online portals. Sellers just need to keep track of the procedure that can get them the best deals. There is no hassle or additional pressure related to this service. With the help of a friendly and cooperative service provider, it is possible to sell old bikes. One should analyze the background of the selected company thoroughly before initiating the sale.

Detailed market analysis and evaluation can help sellers discover the most profitable deals. Online platforms have created a smooth chain of sales where buyers and sellers can connect well with one another. Follow these simple tips and suggestions to proceed with the first sale!

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