Car Spoiler How to Choose? 

When it comes to spoilers, some people think it’s not necessary at all to be installed. Or some people might think that when we install spoilers, it’s just cool or enhances beauty and features only for the car. I must say that it is a mistaken belief. that many people still do not know the real benefits so today we therefore bring knowledge about spoiler car. Let’s present it for you to see.

Spoiler ( Spoiler ) is a device installed at the rear of the car. The purpose is to help increase the pressure or ( Downforce ) at the rear of the car which at this point will help the car to be more stable on swing or gliding while driving. Simply put, the car will have more grip on the road itself. This is because in general, the car is running at high speeds, will cause lifting force to act on the car causing inefficient road adhesion especially in the curve will cause the car to lose balance or end flick ( Oversteer ), but when the spoiler is installed, the Spoiler will increase the pressure on the car tire, so it can hold the road better than before.  

Why install a Car spoiler

Nowadays, you can see many different spoilers, of different shapes and configurations. But it happens that a spoiler is confused with a wing, despite the fact that the installation location and elements are the same.

The pressure on the upper plane of the wing is lower, because of the profile, the air flowing around it from below travels a greater distance than the one that flows around from above (as a rule, the greater the distance, the lower the pressure and the higher the speed). As a conclusion, we can say that in order for the air to flow around the rear wing from below, there must be a gap between the horizontal surface of the trunk and the element itself.

As for the spoiler, it does not have such a gap between the element and the trunk lid, it fits snugly to the surface. But with such a design, the task of the spoiler is different. As a rule, the spoiler is installed at the very edge of the trunk lid. Usually the impact will be on fuel consumption and top speed of the vehicle.

There is always an exception to every rule. Sports car fans need only remember the Porsche 911 of the seventies. It is not installed at the very end of the hood (since the engine is behind), but there is no clearance between the planes. The main purpose is to provide additional air to the engine for cooling.

The benefits of spoilers

For the benefit of the spoiler, the car is not just for the beauty or just the cool. But this one is able to increase the pressure in the rear of the car. Makes our cars better grip on the road, the car is more stable, does not cause a glide or swing while driving at speed, the spoiler will have a good effect when we drive the car at speed itself. 

Of course, when we drive a car at high speed. will cause lifting force to act on the car. The road grip is not effective when we drive, we can feel our car gliding around especially during cornering. The rear of the car may be rounde, but when the spoiler is installed this will increase the pressure on the car.

What kind of material can make a spoiler?

There are 3 types of materials that are popularly used to make spoilers, which are fiber, carbon fiber, as well as ABS / PU plastic. The first material to talk about is “fiber” , many designs to choose from. The disadvantage is the uneven surface area. To make a beautiful color, you need a net that has enough skill. 

In terms of “carbon fiber”, it is strong, lightweight, beautiful, but has disadvantages in terms of price that is quite higher than fiber and, finally, “ABS plastic” is strong, durable, easy to paint, which is believed to be a material. 

Choosing a car spoiler

The wing is often standard and can be installed on any car. The main thing is to allow the trunk lid to fit, but the spoiler should be for a specific model and brand of car. Therefore, we will consider the spoiler in the future.

When choosing, it is worth deciding how much you are willing to pay for this or that part. To choose what form it will be is already the taste of the driver of the car. Since even for the same make and model of a car, but of a different year of manufacture, the spoiler may differ. The manufacturer could change the location of the name of the submodel, change the shape of the trunk lid or rear optics.

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