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Bring A Magical Feel To Your Living Space With These Bedsheets

It is a universal truth that a good night’s slumber can bring a world of changes to how your day progresses. On average, an adult is required to sleep a good 7 hours. To get that comfortable sleep, what better way than to choose the right bed linens? Comfortable linen will help you fall asleep the minute you hit your bed. Not just comfort, today we will look into the benefits these bedsheets bring into your life. Well, it is to no one’s surprise that the 1st and foremost thing we do is browse for bedsheet designs online. Designs are the primary focus when one looks for a bedsheet. Let us look into the various pointers one must follow to choose the right bedsheet:

Design your Sleeping Preference

Imagine, after a long hard day, a warm set of the best bedsheets awaiting you. Or do you feel so humid and just want to cool yourself off on those linens that are so airy? You could get your desired sleeping temperature from these buddies. It all depends on the material you choose, and the choice is plenty. 

The Right Fabric

Previously, we had told you that the preference of your comfort depends on the fabric. Here are some of the most desired fabrics one chooses for fitted bedsheets


The highest quality one can find in a bedsheet. Obtained from silkworms, these are a luxury and are said to be airy. Since silk is a poor heat conductor, these are your best mates for a warm humid night or if you are a sweaty sleeper. Thereby making these the most expensive ones. 


The most practical choice for a bedsheet lover. Cotton bedsheets online are easy to maintain and yet comes in various designs and sizes to suit your taste. They are light on your pockets too. 


It is a fibre collected from the stem of the flax plant. Linen bedsheets are said to magically stay cool in warmer climates and warm when the weather dips to winter. Now that’s impressive for a bedsheet, right? 


Rayon, polyester, viscose, etc., fall into this category. Since they are not all-natural fabric, they don’t have the tendency to cool you off on a warm summer evening. These are best used for winter, as their only priority is to keep you warm. 


Extracted from cotton, wool, or a blend of synthetic and natural fibres, these are your toasty buddies on a cold winter, breezy night.

Look into the Weave

Familiar with the terms soft, ultra soft, crisp, tight pattern etc. These relate to the weave of the fabric. This matters when you want fitted sheets. There are several kinds of weaves; if you are unsure, you can always take the help of your store in person. Touch and feel them on your skin before you purchase. The weaves vary from single weave, which is a standard one, to twill weave, plain weave, sateen weaves etc. 

Thread Count

This is calculated by the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one sq. inch of fabric. It is believed that the higher the count, the softer the sheet. An ideal figure is 200-500 counts. If you tend to see tiny gaps in your weave, that means the thread count is below 180. Although this matters to some, some manufacturers have taken this as a marketing technique, and some sell 1000+ TC. Never fall for that; these may contain low-quality thread to achieve such a count, and they can wear and tear in no time. The trick is to look pull out the sheets towards light and look through them. A good weave and thread count can be visible.

Colour and Prints

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, people always go for designs or colours that are visually pleasing. Some consider matching them according to the room. Since there are plenty of colours available, it might get confusing. Start with your favourite and most desired colour and work your way up.


The standard ones are double bedsheets, as most houses hold double cots. But you have various sizes from the single, double, queen, king etc. As these sizes tend to vary from one brand to another, the smart choice would be to measure your bed/mattress and then make the purchase. 


Caring for your bed linens are very crucial step as you want them to last for a while. This actually differs from one material to another. Some can be machine washed, while others should only be hand-washed. Some need to be washed with cold water only, yet some with warm water. There are sheets that would require dry cleaning, so make sure you have time. Normally, the sheets would come with cleaning instructions on them. Follow that, and you are good to go. 

The End Goal

Bedsheets are not just an item of comfort or a luxury statement. There are other benefits of having them. Did you know that a good set of sheets can help you get rid of allergies? A good bedsheet can be impenetrable for those annoying bed bugs, as all-natural fibres are resistant to fungi and bacteria. With all this in mind, a good bedsheet can be a reason for a good healthy sleep. Sound sleep is equal to a healthy body. 

In Conclusion:

We don’t look into the finer details of buying a bedsheet. All we think of is the visual impact it gives a room. Bedsheets are beyond that, and since the world is so tech-savvy, all you have to do is look up bedsheets online and find yourself open to an ocean of options. Although it is wise to do a review check and make a list of what you prefer, it is also important to feel them before you buy them. It’s like trying on clothes. In Indian households, you can even see a small business that would bring the sheets to the comfort of your home and help you make your selection. It is that simple. Trust that the above pointers will give you some clarity on what needs to be expected when buying a good sheet. 

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