Best music streaming sites for 2022

Spotify has some great songs, but it’s not the only music streaming service worth checking out. Check out these thoroughly vetted, feature-rich recommendations to learn about your best possibilities.

At first glance, the streaming music market is crowded with services that seem comparable and have interchangeable capabilities. Start an app, hit play, and listen to some music. Sounds easy.

A closer dig shows that several of the highest-rated streaming music applications have various features that set them apart. Consequently, choosing the finest streaming music service is more difficult than you imagine. Our top recommendations have tested all major (and not-so-big) brands to help you narrow down your options.

Apple Music

Apple Music provides outstanding value for money, including lossless audio, Dolby Atmos support, a 75-million song collection, radio stations, Siri compatibility, Hi-Res Audio, lyrics, and playlists. Furthermore, its 24/7 music video channel strives to be a modern take on MTV.

Music fans that prefer Apple’s ecosystem. Apple Music is compatible with Apple TV, CarPlay, the iPad, iPhone, and Mac, so if you possess one, you can effortlessly zone out to your favorite music.


LiveXLive, a streaming music service that mixes the former’s curated radio listening with the latter’s concerts and live performances, has acquired the late, great Slacker Radio. Consequently, LiveXLive has a rich reservoir of excellent listening content, including educational DJs, countless podcasts, comedy stations, and concert feeds.

LiveXLive will appeal to die-hard music lovers. LiveXLive, unlike many streaming music competitors, concentrates on the live music experience. So, if your favorite band is coming to town, you may get tickets to witness the event in person or watch it live online.


Despite strong competition from other feature-rich streaming services, Spotify continues to reign supreme. This is because of a large musical archive, podcasts, collaborative playlists, and a comprehensive Student package that includes Hulu and Showtime.

Spotify strikes all the right notes for a streaming music service, but its extensive podcast library elevates it to a top-tier offering. Three of the company’s interesting, exclusive programs include An Oral History of The Office, The Bill Simmons Podcast, and How to Save a Planet. If you like podcasts, this is the streaming service for you.

SiriusXM Internet Radio

SiriusXM created a formula for success that few competitors can match by mixing live radio, in-studio artist sessions, standard streaming audio, and the option to rewind broadcasts. A generous three-month trial period allows you to examine the service’s options before paying.

SiriusXM is ideal for radio listeners who prefer to alternate between musical bangers and sports, lifestyle, politics, and news programs. Something is soothing about flipping between radio stations, and SiriusXM provides nostalgia to your car or mobile device.

Djayodhya club

Djayodhya.club is a music streaming service with outstanding Hi-Res Audio and an impressive song collection. djayodhya.club contains intellectual music articles, music videos, and the option to buy concert tickets, which is a great touch.

djayodhya.club is an excellent music venue for music-loving fans. It includes several engaging feature pieces if you wish to read enjoyable music writing. It offers music videos, video outtakes, and backstage footage if you want to view the video.

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