Best Glacier Tours in Alaska

Glacier tours are part of people’s favourite activities in Alaska. These tours allow you to your glaciers by train, air, car, or boat. You can take in sweeping views through train tours, try an exciting dog sledding ride, sour above them on the helicopter, or stroll through them on a guided land tour. Below are some of the Glacier tours in Alaska:

  • Skagway Glacier Helicopter Tour
  • Taku Glacier Lodge Flight & Feast
  • Juneau Icefield Helicopter Tour
  • Seward Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise Tour
  • Glacier Point Wilderness Safari Tour

New travellers to the USA

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 What To Wear in Glacier Hiking Alaska

Whenever you want to visit Alaska, you are going to need to dress in layers. During summer, the weather can be in the 40s with rain or in the 70s with the excess sun. During spring and fall, the weather is nearly erratic, and during winter, the extra layers will keep you warm and comfortable during the cold dark hours.

Below are a few of the clothing items recommended for glacier your holiday. There are some for every individual based on the kind of glacier tour you are interested in, like hiking and your comfort level.

  • Long cotton underwear can help you stay warm on long hikes.
  • Jeans or synthetic pants
  • Light cotton gloves
  • Wool socks provide absorbency, cushion with extra warmth.
  • Fleece jacket or a sweater to serve as your insulation layer.
  • Lightweight rain gear.
  • Wool or synthetic hat.
  • Short-sleeve, long-sleeve shirts, or t-shirts.
  • Waterproof hiking boots.

Glacier Bay Kayaking Trip

Glacier Bay kayaking in Alaska’s southeast opens up the supernatural world of water-based touring. You’re through a marine environment with enchanting views in all directions and several chances to spot wildlife, from salmon and eagles to bears, sea lions, and whales. Choices include multi-day immersions and day tours for busy schedules, under the professional guidance of naturalists who assist you in comprehending the complicated operations of an amazing and unique environment.

Best Time to See Whales in Glacier Bay

To enjoy the tour of the great land of Alaska, you must include the area of the southwest panhandle called Glacier Bay. This marine wilderness includes several miles of enthralling coastline, wilderness streams, huge tidewater glaciers, and spectacular fjords seen from the vast snow-capped mountains of Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska.

Throughout the summer and spring months, the whales seen in this region repeatedly move in and out of Glacier Bay and the area called Icy Strait. Sightings of whales in Glacier Bay rate high amongst Alaska cruise ships and are very common among visitors and passengers alike.

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