7 Travel Tips in Jakarta During Year-End Holidays

As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is the center of various activities, including tourism. However, most people are too lazy to travel there because of traffic jams. With the proper preparation, you can visit many interesting places there, especially during the year-end holidays.

7 Travel Tips in Jakarta

Since the current condition of the capital is still not fully free from Covid-19, of course, for traveling, it is still necessary to carry out various health protocols and follow government recommendations. At the very least, with the following tips, you will get a memorable vacation moment in the capital.

Make Sure You’re in Good Health.

Who wants to have their vacation in a sick condition? Therefore, you have to make sure your body is fit and healthy. If necessary, check with the doctor about the situation, especially if you bring children.

A fit condition can at least minimize the attack of viruses and diseases, including the Covid-19 virus, which is still not maximally gone. If needed, bring vitamins and supplements to support health during your tour in the capital.

Check the Latest Rules for Traveling in Jakarta

The government periodically changes the rules for entering and leaving the capital. There was a strict rule where immigrants had to do an Antigen Swab, with various additional rules. Then there was also a period when the strict rules were relaxed and tightened again some time ago due to the third wave of virus attacks. By knowing the latest travel rules, you can prepare yourself more optimally.

 Choose Attractions That Are Not Too Crowded

In Jakarta, many tourist attractions are still frequently visited by domestic and foreign tourists. At the end of the year, it would be nice to choose a place that is not too crowded so that interaction with other people is not too intensive. Also, try to know when the free hours of the tourist spots are; for example, visiting Monas at night, which is usually not too crowded compared to morning until late afternoon.

Prioritize Using Private Vehicles

If possible, you are better off bringing a private vehicle rather than using public transportation. Besides being more comfortable, you can also set when to stop and which locations to visit.

Adjust Equipment

Going to the museum will be different in terms of equipment and clothes by eating at a unique restaurant while looking for exciting photography spots. You must ensure you don’t get the wrong costume and bring faulty holiday support equipment.

For example, in addition to year-end tourism, they also want to enjoy health services at the best hospital in Jakarta. Of course, the equipment they bring is adjusted. Such as bags containing health documents and additional masks when interacting with other people in the hospital.

Wear Unobtrusive Bags and Jewelry

Just bring a bag that contains what you are carrying, don’t carry too many carry-ons because it will make it complicated. Likewise, it is better to wear jewelry so as not to invite pickpockets.

Bring supplies

Don’t forget to bring lunch while on the trip. Traveling from one tourist location to another will take a long time because you are stuck in traffic. You can snack first to block the stomach before eating at a restaurant or the destination.

Do not hesitate to come to Jakarta and have a vacation at the end of the year. You will have a positive holiday experience if you use tips for preparing suitable holidays and tours.

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