7 Tips for Taking a Temporary Job in Atlanta

It doesn’t matter where you are going or what kind of job you are taking: there are several things that are kind of run of the mill that you need to do so that you are ready for that new temp job.  

Some of the specifics of Atlanta though is that they are an extremely hospitable group of individuals.  People are known for their trademark southern hospitality so don’t be too worried if someone is comfortable enough to approach you!

Decide The Side of Town

There are quite a few cities that operate on an inside or outside mentality.  This isn’t something that is inherent to the demographics or socioeconomic status of the area, but rather due to old cowboy trails as they moved cattle around the rich grasslands.

Believe it or not, deciding which side of The Perimeter (the local name for Highway 285) to live on can have an impact on your life.  Inside the Perimeter or ITP is going to be where you’ll find the cultural hub of Atlanta while Outside the Perimeter (OTP), is going to be more rural.  

Always Check for Promotions and Permanent Positions

You can’t have a list on taking a temporary job in such a beautiful location without a big reminder:

Look for permanent positions!  

No matter where you go, if you find a place that you enjoy, then don’t be afraid to ask about permanent or extended positions.  Some locations will only have you stay for three months: it’s okay to ask for an extension or see if there is something more permanent.

Get to Learn New People All the Time

Atlanta is a bustling hub of life where nearly 35 people move in daily.  If you are looking to build a career in a town that is blossoming, then Atlanta is definitely going to be for you.

As the city grows, more and more cultures are coming together to create a beautiful melting pot.  The food, the life, the festivals, all of Atlanta is about living life to the fullest together.  Be prepared to celebrate with people who aren’t afraid to call you friend after a few minutes of getting to know you!

Be Prepared for Foodie Haven

There aren’t many places where you can find a literal combination of surf and turf in a city.  Because of how close Atlanta is to the ocean, the city has easy access to fresh caught seafood at all times.  This gives a unique lean to the many different types of cultures that are represented in Atlanta.

American food is definitely number one, however Tex Mex and Mexican food locations have started to open up in the area.  Ff food is something that you are passionate about, then Atlanta is for you.

Find Your Housing

If you are working through a company then hopefully your housing has been taken care of.  Unfortunately, that isn’t something that is always guaranteed for everyone.  

A great way to look for temporary leases that are geared towards traveling workers.  You can also use extended stay hotels or there might even be potential roommate situations that could work for you.

Find MeetUps

Believe it or not, MeetUps is still a thing.  You look for what kind of group you are interested in hanging out with or what activities you like to do and voila! You get to have a night full of fun with people who have a similar interest.

With how quickly Atlanta is growing, the amount of meets that are happening is going to increase exponentially.  Another great place to look for communities is going to be Facebook Groups.  

Joining in with the people of the city is really going to help you feel more at home and more at ease as you go around town.  Believe me, you’ll find some very protective fast friends sooner than you think.

Visit the City Markets

Something that was really interesting was that Atlanta actually has more than one dedicated city market.  To some this may not seem all that big, however, most locations really only have one that draws in a crowd.

However, Atlanta boasts two fairly large city markets where people come to sell what they have made, grown, or raised.  It’s a great way to help local businesses and encourage the continuation of local farming.


When you first get your position in Atlanta and you step off that plane or out of that vehicle, you will feel the difference.  There’s less animosity and a true camaraderie that you can’t experience anywhere else.  Take some time to explore the inner city to get an idea of the culture and vibrant art scene.  

If you are up for more rural adventures or hikes, then head outside of the perimeter to hunt down beautiful trails, rolling hills, and endless blue skies.


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