5 Blaque Diamond Wheels Perfect for your SUV!

Since it was founded in 2009, Blaque Diamond Wheels have gone to become one of the most formidable names in the aftermarket rims segment across all these 50 States. Incidentally, 2009 was also when Fuel Wheels came into existence, but they stick to off-road rims only. BD, as this manufacturer is known, is involved way deeper- it has models in many different genres and niches and sub-niches.

BD takes quality and style very seriously indeed. These, you might think, are aspects which all major brands take seriously, and you would be correct. But Blaque Diamond also works to ensure that its rims epitomize the very best in engineering, technology, and other frontiers of rim-making.

If you are looking to purchase a set of high-end Blaque Diamond rims for 2023, here are some suggestions which might help you a lot!

Top BD Wheels for your SUV

With the SUV revolution over the last 2 decades, almost all major companies have buckled up to face the competition. There are different models for different types of SUVs even though these vehicles differ mostly in size.

  1. BD-27: Let’s start off with the BD-27, one of the bestsellers of Blaque Diamond Wheels. We would recommend the satin black finish that has black chrome lip rims. The combination is irresistible. While you might have seen this specific model on coupes and sedans and even large hatchbacks, it is one of the biggest weapons the company has (metaphorically speaking!) to counter other companies when it comes to large SUVs.

The BD-27 is a staggered rim and is just the thing a hulking SUV would need. Made out of 6061-T6 aluminum and able to withstand even the fiercest of pressures on the roads, it also has superior load and speed ratings.

Take all these aspects and you will find it a stand-apart choice for your Sports Utility Vehicle.

If you are worried about the sizes of the staggered rims, it is advisable to visit experts who work with wheels on a regular basis. We always recommend you try out AudioCityUSA, an expert retailer that’s currently 33+ years old and stocks every branded rim conceivable.

  1. BD-11: Up next is the Blaque Diamond 11, or the BD-11. It takes a very classic spoke design and puts in a bit of magic of its own as well. The BD-11 is one of the lightest rims for SUVs you will find across brands. Yet, they are surprisingly strong and can take on almost every surface you plan to tread on. The BD-11 comes in several sizes but the 20-inch model sells the most.

The BD-11 is designed especially for SUVs. They are large enough for you to decide on the type of tires you want (A/T, M/T, and so on) and has excellent load ratings. And while this model might not have the speed ratings that some extreme drivers want, they are capable enough for city roads where you cannot drive too hard in any case!

  1. BD-F20: Let’s get down to more serious business with this forged wonder! This is a flow-forged staggered rim that looks like a boxing champ and behaves like one too. This is one of the most-sold true directional (both left and right) Blaque Diamond Wheels currently available. Its forged nature makes it a serious contender for handling the biggest and baddest SUVs out there!

At the heart of the forged directional rim is the high-quality aluminum alloy. Other alloys are added often to further enhance the tensile strength of the rim. The BD-F20 is an excellent choice for fully-loaded 7-seater SUVs and bigger vehicles too.

Their staggered nature also gives them an edge over many other equally competent rims!

  1. BD-17-5: This is one of a handful of models manufactured by Blaque Diamond Wheels that look as great on stretch limos as they do on a Tacoma! The BD-17-5 is a cast rim and is one of the company’s finest Monoblock options. The 22-inch variant that comes in a gloss black option – among others – is surely one of the most handsome rims that the company manufactures as well.

It is true that the BD-17-5 is slightly more expensive than other standard cast rims for SUVs. But the quality you get is worth every penny. It is lightweight, has a concave build, is recommended by some of the aftermarket industry’s top experts, and can be slightly modified and customized based on what you like – or do not.

Trust the BD-17-5 to last several years too, even if you discount the warranties that the company provides on all of these models.

  1. BD-23 staggered: The BD-23 is usually seen adorning sports vehicles and look especially great on Porsches. But it is also a very good choice for SUV owners! The newly-launched matte bronze variant (complete with chrome lip rims) is here both for its performance and its performance. But mostly, if you are sick of monochromes, add some life and light to your favorite SUV with the Blaque Diamond staggered BD-23 model.

It is perfectly built to accommodate customized TPMS systems and brakes with bigger calibers too. But it is the 10 spoked clean look with minimal machining that usually does the trick.

For electric SUVs, the company has launched a few smaller variants as well. But the 22-inch BD-23 remains the flagship in this category.


Beware of where you are buying your Blaque Diamond Wheels! Forgeries are everywhere!

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