Where To Rent Your Mathapattis and Maangtikkas Online

Mathapattis and maangtikaas have always been an essential part of a bridal jewelry look, and they still enjoy quite a lot of fancy amidst all the brides! For a more subtle look, even sheeshphools have made a grand entry in the Bridal Jewellery Set, adding the right amounts of lux and elegance! 

Significance of maangtika in our culture

Interesting to point here that according to Vedas, on your forehead lies Ajna chakra where lies the ultimate wisdom, and exactly there rests maangtika. Maangtika represents the ability to control emotions and strengthens focus. Maangtikas can be spotted in ancient pictures and scriptures. Indians have been wearing maangtikas since the time our ancestors started making ornaments around 5000 years ago. When a bride wears a maangtika as a part of her wedding jewellery, it means she is forming her connection with the third eye bringing calm, wisdom, focus and emotional stability.

Versatile Hair Accessory, we think so!

Mathpattis have been in existence since forever. hair accessories have been a big fashion statement, and rightly so. It still is one of the most preferred hair accessory still among the brides. mathapattis and maangtikas are quite versatile in their looks too. They are great hair accessories for anyone who wants to go for a traditional look! Ditch the neckpiece and you have a chic look to yourself as well. So whether you are a bride or bride’s tribe, mathapatti/sheeshpatti should be the go to hair accessory for you! We sincerely believe that there is a perfect maangtika or mathapatti for everyone, you just have to find them honestly, and it is so worth it! It brings the complete look together!

Why should one rent and not buy?

Bridal Jewellery sets cost a lot and you don’t end up wearing them quite often as they are especially curated to look the best with the wedding dress. Now even if you mix and match, the sets are so heavy that you would not be willing to wear them. So buying your bridal set doesn’t seem to be a very great idea. Most brides spend a maximum amount of their money on the perfect dress and then rent out the accessories to go along. This also gives them a wide variety to choose from and at a fairly economical price. Hence renting a bridal set including maangtika or mathapatti is a smarter and more convenient option!

Why should you look for rental online

Renting your Jewellery Set for wedding online is more convenient than renting offline. For instance when a bride rents offline from a local retail store, there is a huge quality issue especially in tier 2 cities. The designs are more or less similar, and all brides end up looking the same as far as their jewellery is concerned. Also when you rent offline there is another hassle of picking the jewellery on the wedding day itself and on top of that they have to return it back the very next day! When you rent online from a trusted source, it becomes quite a convenient affair. 

For once there is no hurry to return the jewellery the very same day. Also brides do not have to go out in the sun to hunt for rental shops to select their jewellery from, instead they can do so from the comfort of their homes! the quality is also top notch and you can book as early as possible to be tension free! Renting online is a trend that every bride should definitely hop on! Please visit Hanume for more info all about

Best place to rent online?

If you are looking for the best rental platform for bridal jewelry online, with bespoke quality and  designs, Rent N Flaunt is one of the most authentic sources to check out. We have an in house stylist to help you with the perfect match, jewelry set for your wedding. 

From Kundan Jewellery to polki, Rent n Flaunt has an exquisite collection of all!

They have a grand collection of mathapattis and maangtikas too. You can rent them with the complete set or you can rent them individually by mixing and matching. Here you get maangtika of different materials too, be it kundan, pachi, polki, pearl, you name it and you will find it. One can also find them in many colours too. 

Rent n Flaunt is an online platform to rent best designer jewellery with superior quality and service. Here you get hassle free 4 or 8 days free doorstep delivery and pick-up service! The security deposit is quite low and there is no extra charge for normal wear and tear of jewellery. They love to pamper their brides and go over and above to cater to every need. They also offer a free professional stylist to guide you in your quest to find the perfect match for your dress! Their jewellery is favorite among make-up artists who recommend their brides to ditch the traditional renting way and opt for them because of their wide collection and impeccable quality!

So if you are someone looking for bridal jewellery, don’t forget to check them out!


Mathapattis and maangtikas have been part of our culture and heritage since eternity. They are a quintessential part of wedding jewellery for every bride and now even the bride tribe! Mathapattis and maangtikas add an extra regalness to the entire bridal look. Whether you want to go chic or go heavily traditional, maangtikas and mathapattis come in handy for every look! If you are a bride who is confused about where to rent their jewellery including mathapatti and maangtika online, then rent n flaunt is a trusted source that we can vouch for! They have a great variety of bridal jewellery on rent online, from polki to kundan to american diamonds. So all you brides and bridesmaids go check them out and thank us later!

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