Where To Buy the Best Indoor Plants in Dubai?

Looking for something to do funny, creative, and productive while staying at home? Then indoor gardening will be an important option to engage in. Gardening always provides you with a way to relax, where you can grow plants, vegetables, indoor plants, and much more. Buy small indoor plants online in Dubai, and do something useful with your hands and create a natural heaven by yourself. Your indoor spaces, terrace, and balcony is the best place to grow indoor plants. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert gardener, the following list of house plant shops in Dubai help you obtain the best plants suitable for your space and needs.

1. Dubai Garden Centre

Dubai Garden Centre has a large number of indoor and outdoor plant species, flower shops, and home accessories sections. Moreover, to keep visitors engaged, they have facilitated an aquarium area, furniture, and cafeterias which makes customers spend more happy hours in Dubai Garden Centre. If you’re looking for indoor plants Dubai, Dubai Garden Centre is a good choice, their selection of house plants includes all flowering plants and small trees that brighten your interior space.

2. Plant Vista

Located in Dubai, Plant Vista is one of the leading online plant shops in Dubai, here you see a massive collection of ornamental plants, different species of herbs, trees, and palms. At Plant Vista, they offer different indoor plant buy online options where you can find different types of pots, planting soil, and essential gardening materials. They provide extensive customer services that make them a trusted house plant shop in Dubai.

3. Zabeel Nursery

A great place for the weekends where you can find a variety of flowering plants, vegetables, and indoor and outdoor plants. They also provide plenty of gardening tools, fertilisers, decors, and much more that can elevate your garden space with every necessary element.

4. Hala Plants

Hala Plants has a mission to make a greener environment in the UAE, a Dubai-based online plant shop promoting a curated selection of both indoor and outdoor plants that enhance the aesthetics of your garden with different colours. Also, they provide extensive customer services in Dubai, with their expert advice, you can have a quality gardening service and your pleasure to shop in Hala Plants will be enhanced.

5. OxyGreen Plants

Are you aware of the different benefits that can be obtained from small indoor plants, they are natural air purifiers. Plants are not only making your space look good, instead, they can create a quality atmosphere with fresh air and a positive vibe. Buy small plants online from OxyGreen Plants, check out their online gallery, and pick your product to make your space greener.


These are some of the best online and home plant shops in Dubai, where you can buy plants, tools, and accessories for your indoor garden. If you’ve not started gardening yet, Choose Plant Vista, the perfect online plant shop in Dubai.

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