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What’s more important upload or download?

As we delve into the new generation of networking, internet speeds are becoming more and more significant. The devices that we use every day are smarter and they require an active internet connection. With the introduction of IoT devices, we are surrounded by a mesh of smart devices and only a faster internet connection can help these devices to coexist. Therefore, investing in higher download and upload speeds seems to be the key to it. No one wants to be left behind. Similarly, with the introduction of new gaming consoles, developers can create better games with high-end graphics and a higher refresh rate. To support modern-day games, we need ultra-fast internet so that we face minimum lag.

Internet speeds are always the cause of concern for many consumers. While signing up for an internet connection, the technical jargon surrounding the internet might confuse us. Therefore, it is important to understand the internet speeds before getting a service. To help you make a better decision, we came up with a guide to network speeds, why speeds are important, and should you get a higher download or upload speed.

What are download speeds?

Download speed refers to the time taken by the network to get the data from the server. In simple words, it refers to the time required in loading a page or getting a song from the internet. Download speeds are measured in megabits per second. Download speeds are always higher than the upload speeds.

What are upload speeds?

The upload speeds refer to the time taken by the data to reach the server from your network. In simple terms, it refers to the time taken while you try to send someone a picture or document by your internet. Upload speeds are less than the download speeds.

Why are download speeds higher than the upload?

While signing up for an internet connection, you will notice that the download speeds are always higher than the upload speeds. For example, Spectrum cable offers 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. The same goes for a DSL connection with CenturyLink internet. This is because an average user will spend more time downloading as compared to upload. Most of the activities we do on the internet require downloading. Therefore, these speeds are higher.

Why are download speeds important?

Here are some of the activities that require us to have higher download speeds. If your download speed is high, it will take you less time to get movies, files, or documents from the internet.


Who does not love streaming? The Cord-cutting movement is slowly taking over the traditional cable service. More and more streaming platforms are emerging in this entertainment landscape. This is because the accessibility of the internet is better than it used to be in the past. With the introduction of fiber internet, we can get speeds up to 1 Gigabit. Streaming requires us to download the data from the internet. Therefore, greater download speeds will help in a smooth streaming experience. Higher download speeds can help us to stream a high-resolution video with ease.


Download speeds also influence your overall browsing experience. Higher download speeds mean that your pages will load quickly and everything will run smoothly. Therefore, having a connection that has blazing-fast download speeds may result in a better experience while performing routine activities.

Why are upload speeds important?

Upload speeds determine how fast or slow you can send or upload the data from your computer or any smart device to the internet. This includes uploading all sorts of files, pictures, videos, or documents on the internet. Most importantly, upload speeds are essential for video conferencing and VOIP calling.

Just like the download speeds, upload speed is also very important in online gaming. Download speeds will affect the picture and sound quality while you are streaming your favorite show on TV. Conversely, the upload speeds will influence the picture and sound quality in a video call. If you are getting frozen screens or the audio is broken, that is because of the slower upload speeds.

Final Verdict

If you need internet for your work that involves VOIP and video-conferencing, get a connection that has good upload speed.

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