What Is the Relationship between CISA Certification / CISM Certification / CGEIT Certification?

CISA (Registered Information System Auditor)

The purpose of CISA certification is to evaluate and testify that individuals engaged in information system audit, control and security work have excellent skills and judgment in information system audit. CISA credential evaluates the expertise in the following fields: Information system audit process, IT governance, System and infrastructure life cycle, IT service delivery and support, Information property protection, Business continuity and disaster recovery. In order to obtain the CISA certification, candidates must do the following points: successfully completion of the CISA examination, adherence to the code of professional ethics formulated by ISACA, provision of effective evidence of five-year working experience (or similar experience) in the field of information system audit, control or security, and participation in the CISA continuing education program (after obtaining the certification).

CISM (Information Security Manager)

CISM certification is designed for information security manager and professional personnel who is responsible for information security management, ensuring that the certified personnel delivered to senior management have the expertise of effective security management and consultation. The certification is business oriented, focusing on information risk management, and in theory, it takes management, design and technical security issues into account. CISM Certification in Memphis evaluates the expertise in the following fields: Information security governance, Information risk management, Information security software development, Information security software management, Emergency management and response. In order to obtain CISM certification, the information security professionals must achieve the followings: successful completion of the CISM examination, adherence to professional ethics standards formulated by ISACA, provision of effective certification materials for five years of work experience in information security and three years of management experience in relevant work fields (or related similar experience), participation in the CISM Vocational Continuing Education Plan (after certification). Since the establishment of CISA, more than 86000 professionals have passed the certification. Moreover, more than 10000 have passed CISM certification.

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CGEIT (Enterprise IT Governance Certification)

Management committees and executives have already recognized the importance of corporate and corporate governance needs long ago. Information technology (IT) is becoming more and more important in achieving enterprise goals and providing benefits. More and more people gradually realize that governance must be extended from IT to all aspects. IT governance is an indispensable part of corporate governance and keeping leadership consistent with corporate structure. Moreover, the relevant IT governance process can ensure the sustainable development of enterprise IT, and expand enterprise strategies and goals. ISACA was aware of this change as early as 1998, and established the IT Governance Institution (ITGI), focusing on original research, publishing, resources, and collections of essays related to IT governance and related topics. In order to support and promote this important work, ISACA and ITGI have launched a certification program to enable professionals to meet the needs of enterprises in IT governance. Certified experts can take the lead in the establishment and management of IT infrastructure and processes, and play an important role in IT governance fees, which can provide great support to the director of management and the executive management. The certification process is suitable for those who have obsessed professional skills, personal skills and business experience, so that they can make good use of the value provided by information technology to promote the success of enterprises as much as possible, and smoothly manage and mitigate the risks brought by IT. The benefits of the certification include: fully improvement of the professional knowledge and competitiveness, improvement of work skills, work ability and work experience, and promoting the professional position of participants. At the same time, by entrusting enterprises to experienced IT governance experts for demonstration, the certification can also provide added value for enterprises. The specific certification process is mainly for professionals who have rich management, consulting or assurance experience in IT governance. This certification is very suitable for professionals who want to acquire it governance related experience and knowledge. At the same time, the certification is also suitable for the following groups: people who need to provide IT governance support for growing enterprises, people who want to understand and master the practice and problems of IT governance, and experts who are considered to have tasks or responsibilities in the implementation of IT governance.

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  • In 2003, Fuzhou SIBO Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
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  • In 2010, SPOTO SIBO Network became a joint training base for it talents in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian University of technology, Sanya University, Fujian Normal University and other universities.
  • In 2015, SPOTO SIBO Network became the first batch of partners in Taobao education.
  • In 2016, SPOTO SIBO Network became the forefront of Cisco Certification CCIE industry in China. Teaching milestone: Pass 500IE.
  • In 2017, SPOTO SIBO Network entered the global IT international certification overseas training, won the Annual Official Certified Institution of Tencent Classroom, participated in the 2017 Fujian Brand Influence General Selection, was elected as the “Top Ten Influential Brands in Fujian”, and won the 2017 “Benevolent Enterprise Award”.
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