What Is The Best Time To Visit Europe?

Europe is recognized as one of the smallest continents, but still, people try to find the answer to the question, “What is the best time to visit Europe?” Traveling to Europe will be a different experience, and the Mediterranean climate of Cyprus will be most welcoming to anxious travelers. But the answers to their question will not be a straightforward single one. It may even be that all the time is the best. But to be more judicious in your answer, you may consider the following factors. Jet2holidays is best choice to book trip

  1. More specific research, all the time is the best.
  2. The warmth of the weather, springtime or autumn, is the best time
  3. Accommodating with the crowd of the “best time,” millions of people July (peak) and their congregation may be a challenging task to accommodate. Overcrowding may be a significant constraint.
  4. Your budget may become high to match the high prices, which the high season crowds are prepared to bear with. You may consider visiting Europe outside the peak periods,
  5. Do you want to seasonal events or want to attend any particular festivals, you need to plan around before the event. The events may be hiking in Germany in June or skiing in the Alps in July.

Before further exploring, it will be more pertinent for us to outline a temperature chart during different months.

The temperature during different months!

Season Travel Months Max Temperature Minimum Temperature
Summer Dec-Feb 24°C 14°c
Autumn Sep-Nov 14°C 7°C
Winters Mar-May 10°C 7°C
Spring June-Aug 18°C 2

Excepting a few places, weather around Europe is all-inviting throughout the year.

SUMMER (June to August)

Summer is the most comfortable time of the year for visiting Europe. Since this is the best time of the year, tourists flock to the continent in large numbers during this season. Germany, Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, and Spain, located in southern and Western Europe, is flooded with foreign tourists. 

Significance: During this time of the year, you will be able to participate in several fantastic music events and festivals.

Weather: Weather can be experienced to be delightfully warm. As the temperature during day time is pleasant and comfortable, you can visit most of the countries in Europe. However, the Mediterranean region is quite hot during this period and is not approachable.

Temperature: It varies between 14°C to 24°C in Western Europe and 14°C to 25°C in Southern Europe and 13°C to 22°C in Mediterranean Europe.

Reason for visiting then: Since the weather and temperature are both ideal, you will have enough time to explore most places in Europe. Added to all these, you can indulge in other outdoor activities that may be adventurous and exciting due to ideal weather.

Facts to know before visiting: The accommodation rate will be too high as high-paying persons visit the places. It would be best to call the beaches, Madrid and Florence in the evening as they will be too busy and tight in the daytime. If you are visiting Paris in July, there are chances you may encounter heavy rainfall.

Tips: If you are visiting Moscow, carry with you a sun-block as there will be chances of experiencing intense heat waves. Having an umbrella is equally essential.

Avoid wearing shorts if you are visiting an orthodox cathedral.

AUTUMN (September to November)

It is a shoulder season for visiting Europe and is best suited for visiting Belgium, The Netherland, and Sweden

Significance: You will find festive modes in many countries. A few of them worth mentioning are France with the festival of Paris Nuit Blanche, the La Merce Festival of Spain, Italy with Alba White Truffle, the Great Cornish Festival of England, and Hungary with Contemporary Art Festival, and many that you may not like to miss.

The temperature of 7°C to 14°C makes the weather pleasant and relaxed for traveling around Europe. You can encounter rain any time, so be prepared to be wet any time.

Reason for visiting then: This is the best time for those on the lookout for a budget price. The places are more accessible, and lodging and boarding costs come down considerably. This is the best time if you are interested in hiking at the alpine trails.

Facts to know: While the crowd in other places comes down, Mediterranean Europe such as Croatia, France, Spain, and Italy remain busy. 

WINTERS (December to February)

It would help if you were prepared to face the worst weather during this period because the temperature falls below 10°C in certain places such as Poland and Russia.

Temperature: 7°C to 10°C 

Weather: You will encounter cold breeze and heavy snowfall in most regions.

Significance: The Christmas Eve of Europe is a joyous and memorable event that one can’t forget. The Venice Carnival of Italy, Ice Sculpture Festival of Belgium, Amsterdam Light Festival, and in Switzerland, the Momentum Ski Festival are the events that leave a permanent imprint on your mind. 

Why Visiting Then: Cities like Rome, Vienna, and Athens are at their best of beauty and weather during this period. Other sightseeing places are Lights in Iceland, glaciers of Norway, Christmas and New Year of Russia, Moscow’s Red Square. Accommodations are cheaper.

Facts to Know: Attractions are shut down as people move to warmer places. Northern Europe is the coldest.

SPRING (March to May)

During spring, Europe is full of natural beauty to the continent.

Significance: Several music festivals are taken up in different countries. You can select your choice.

Temperature: 2°C to 18°C

Weather: There is balanced weather, neither too cold nor too hot. This is the perfect time for sightseeing and exploring Europe adorned with unparalleled natural beauty.

Southern Europe, after the greeneries coming to life, Europe becomes the most acceptable place to witness. Some of the most beautiful sightseeing places include England, France, Scotland, Ireland, and Hungary.


Lastly, it could be concluded that June to September is the total time when you can visit Europe. The temperature goes higher side of the thirties. Also important are the festive and cultural events that take place in Europe.

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