What is Over/Under? | How to Play Sic Bo and Tips to Always Win

How to play Tai Xiu well and be sure to win is an issue that every bettor is interested in. Although it is considered an easy game to play, not difficult to start, but if you want to win, in reality it is not that simple. Synthesize knowledge, strategies or words  New88 will help every newbie confidently win big and maximize profits!
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Where did the Sic Bo game come from? 

Besides knowledge about how to play Tai Xiu, general information about the game is the basic and important things that players need to understand. Only with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding will you be able to enter the game easily and play effectively. Sic Bo game is also known by many other common names such as Sicbo, Sic Bo, Hi-Lo,…

The game originated in China, but because of its attractive and simple gameplay, it quickly became popular in many Asian countries (Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, Korea,…). In Western countries, the game appeared in the 80s but only became more familiar when the online version was born.

In Vietnam today, Tai Xiu is also a great entertainment choice for everyone. According to the Sic Bo game, each game will have 3 certain dice. By relying on the total score of the three dice, the winner will be determined. The main way to play today is online through reputable bookmakers and game portals.

Rules for playing Sic Bo online for beginners 

Most people choose to play Sicbo online because of its convenience and speed. Compared to the traditional way, when playing on online platforms, all operations will be operated by an automatic system. Therefore, it will ensure fairness, transparency and minimize interference in the final results. How to play Tai Xiu online is detailed as follows:

  • The bookmaker/game portal will build a separate algorithm and data chain for the game. Each address will possess data strings of different lengths to ensure fair results and avoid too much duplication.
  • When the game starts, the system will randomly shake the dice for a certain time. At the same time, players will predict and bet on the odds displayed on the screen.
  • After completing the betting operation, the system will announce the final results.
  • The player who predicts correctly will receive a reward according to the rules of the playground.

With the way to play Tai Xiu online, in addition to the familiar Over and Under, players can also choose from many different bets. The variety of bet types is a great advantage that helps increase the drama of the game and also brings many opportunities to win for everyone.
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Rules for redeeming prizes and how to calculate Over/Under money 

The basic way to play Sic Bo is clearly stated in the game, there will be many different betting options. Each door will have its own reward level and calculation based on its likelihood of appearing as follows:

  • Over and Under: These are the two most popular, popular and most popular betting options in Hi-Lo. According to the rules of playing Tai Xiu, the sum of the 3 dice: 4 – 10: Under, 11 – 17: Over. The reward redemption rule at these two doors is 1:1, and in some places it is 1:0.99. The winning amount will correspond to the initial bet level you choose.
  • Triple bet: Predict the possibility that all three sides of the dice will show the same result. The redemption rate of this door is extremely high, up to 1:30. Of course, when choosing correctly, the amount of bonus received will be very large, but in reality, the possibility of them appearing is not much.
  • Double bet: How to play Tai Xiu online, the reward rate for random pair is 1:11, standard pair is 1:20. The player will have to predict that 2/3 of the dice will have the same result. When the payout ratio is higher, it means that this bet is very difficult to appear.
  • Total bet: This is a type of bet where the player will have to determine the total result of 3 dice. How to play Over/Under to redeem prizes will apply the level of 1:11 to 1:60 depending on the different bet types.
  • Bet on a specific number: The exchange rate applies 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 depending on the number of times the number appears.

How to play Tai Xiu online at an online bookmaker

You can participate in the Sicbo game no matter where or at any time. Strongly developed technology helps players easily satisfy their passion in the fastest way. Below is how to register to play Sic Bo  New88:

  • Step 1: Research and choose a reputable address with online Sicbo games. Accessible  New88 to discover the green nine betting system with the fairest and most transparent way to play Sic Bo.
  • Step 2: Access the system’s website/application and register for a member account. Remember, only when you have an official betting account will all rights be guaranteed and transactions will be maximally safe.
  • Step 3: Make a deposit according to the methods prescribed by the playground. It is recommended to carry out closed transactions to ensure safety, avoid information leakage or loss of bets.
  • Step 4: To play Tai Xiu online, you just need to select the game right at the main screen interface.
  • Step 5: Choose a certain table and place bets according to the prescribed doors.
  • Step 6: Predict the bet type and wait for the system to operate and announce the results. If you win the bet, the bonus will be added directly to the player’s account quickly.

Learn how to play Sic Bo online and always win

Anyone can join and start testing their luck with Sic Bo. But as a real money betting game, players need to seriously approach it in the most methodical and professional way. From there, it helps make the playing process more effective, easier to win and avoid wasting initial capital.

There are many strategies applied in each game to help bettors gain more advantages. However, according to many experts, the 3 tips below are easy to implement and bring the most surprising results:

Apply the Over/Under betting method 1-3-2-4 

The most effective way to play Tai Xiu, successfully applied by many experts, is to rely on the 1-3-2-4 rule. This is understood as the betting order in 4 consecutive games that needs to be made. As follows:

  • In the first game, bet 1 coin and if you win you will immediately get 1 coin profit.
  • The second bet, how to play Over/Under, stipulates that you bet 3 coins and if you lose, you only lose 2 coins, and if you win you will own 4 coins.
  • On the third table, choose 2 coins to bet. The profit amount when winning a total of 3 goals is 6 VND, if you lose, you will also have earned 2 VND previously.
  • On the 4th table, continue to bet 4 dong. If you win, your profit will be up to 10 dong and even if you lose, you will only lose 2 dong.

For players with little capital, depositing money according to this rule is extremely reasonable. They not only help you “lighten your head” when calculating bets but also keep your mind more comfortable to help you play Sic Bo effectively.

Remember the results – How to play Sic Bo and always win on the phone  

If you observe each match, a statistical table of results is displayed on the screen. Focus on memorizing the history of results to help you analyze the rules of Sicbo prediction. This is the sure-to-win way to play Sic Bo that any expert uses.

In the game, there will be many types of bridge structures appearing such as: 1-1, 1-2-3, 3-2-1, flat bridge, broken bridge. Each type of structure will give you extremely accurate suggestions for the next game results. However, clearly determining the spherical shape is often not simple and is sometimes very confusing.

Therefore, right at the beginning of the game, you should pay attention to observing at least 5 consecutive betting rounds. Through that, immediately analyze the rules, if any, to optimize the results of the next game and avoid missing the golden period.

Do not bet on the first turns 

Although the first few rounds make you excited, in reality it is very difficult to win. Therefore, the smartest way to play Sic Bo is to wait and observe in the first game. Once you have basic assessments, you can bet on the next tables.

Calmness and lack of haste always bring many advantages and victories to bettors. In addition, each game of Over/Under usually takes place in an extremely fast time, so it requires you to have super-speed calculations and timely judgment to successfully capture luck.

Frequently asked questions about how to play Tai Xiu 

The game currently has widespread coverage on online platforms. The questions and answers below will help you better understand Sicbo and gain Most memorable entertainment experiences:


How to play Sic Bo online is extremely simple if you have basic knowledge. Come to casino  New88, all passions and hobbies for rolling dice will be met to the fullest. The playground offers a version of Tai Xiu that is both good, quality, safe and especially has an extremely high payout rate. Register an account today to challenge your luck and win many great gifts.

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