What Is It Like Being a Massage Therapist?

Although people form opinions about jobs they’ve never done, it seems like massage therapists are completely unknown workers.  When people picture this job, they imagine soothing music, white towels, and someone kneading into their back like it’s bread dough.  

What goes into this job, though?

If you’re curious about massage therapy and want to know if this would be a good job for you, here are the top bits of information you should know.

Rewarding to Relax and Heal Others

The best part of being a massage therapist is how rewarding it is.  People come into clinics or your office and are in either excruciating pain or a dull soreness that’s been going on for months to years.  You can release the tension in muscles through massage therapy, teach patients how to treat this pain if it comes up again, and watch someone’s face as the pain slips away into nothing.  This can be an incredibly powerful feeling, especially since you’re changing lives for the better.

Incredible Benefits and Good Client Report

The benefits massage therapists can gain are incredible.  Often this line of work comes with a great medical plan, awesome vacation days, and some office-hour flexibility.  The clients you see may be crabby when they come in because of the severe pain they’re in, but by the time they leave: you’re their favorite person.  Many massage therapists also receive gifts from patients for doing a good job and changing their lives.

Few Hours In The Work Week

The average massage therapist only massages for fifteen hours a week.  This is almost a third of the usual forty-hour workweek.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that this is the only time they’re working!  Many massage therapists operate as their own business, which means they have to invest a lot of time into balancing the books, gaining clients, and investing in their business.  Unfortunately 

Relatively High Pay Depending On Area

Although the price of massage therapy school may scare some away, it’s worth it when you realize that the average massage therapist makes over seventy thousand dollars a year.  These huge savings can allow you to put more time and money into your work and invest back into your business.

There’s Respect In Your Community

Working as a massage therapist gains you respect in your community.  These are medical professionals who help heal people and show them the importance of taking it slow and allowing their bodies to work at their own pace.  Being active in your community can allow you to meet more people in your area and gain more clients.  Although it’s also awesome to get to know the people who live near you: it’s important to keep your business in mind at all times.

Being a massage therapist is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth.  You can gain the respect of your clients, get paid well enough to pay off student loans in no time and help people heal and move past the pain in their muscles and life.

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