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What Do Data Recovery Software Professionals use?


Data recovery software is an important strategy if you are dealing with highly sensitive data. Read on to know which data recovery software professionals use.

The solution of recovering deleted files can be a complex process depending on how and types of files—several products in the market deal with different types of data recovery methods.

Data Recovery Software Do Professionals use

Today most of the data loss happens due to poor data flow management and storage devices. Hence, it had become substantial to have data recovery software at your disposal to tackle when worst came to shores.

When it comes down to data recovery, having only the best is what everyone desires. 

1. iBoysoft Data Recovery

iBoysoft Data Recovery is relatively new to the industry but has served its customers with high-quality data recovery services. 

It is mostly known for its easy-to-use interface and after-purchase services. Most software focuses on offering good quality services but lacks in maintaining a good relationship with the customer.

However, with iBoysoft data recovery software, customers get lifetime customer support services.


  • 1GB data recovery free with the free version.
  • Instant ZIP code.
  • Supports external drive data recovery.


  • A professional pack is expensive.

2. Recuva

Recuva is one of the lightest data recovery software. It supports both internal drives and external drives. 

Recuva might be free software, but its features and user interface make it different from the other free software in the market. It allows users with a deep scan facility. In addition to that, users can use this software to securely delete files with the possibility of not recovering them.


  • Caters to premium features.
  • Clear interface design.
  • Securely delete files.


  • Poor data recovery performance.

3. Mini Tool

 Do not measure its capability low, just because it is called Mini Tool. Despite its name, it has the capability to complete partition recovery. 

The mini-tool comes with a three-step data recovery process designed to help the user with a smooth data recovery procedure. Users can even recover data from external hard drives.

It comes with a feature that stores the previous recovery results’ data, which enables multiple recovery features with a single scan.


  • Bootable.
  • Fast scanning process.
  • Support USB/SD/DVD/CD data recovery.


  • Poor preview functionality.

4. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is one of the most sought out data recovery software. It is most known for its quick setup and scans that allow the users to recover their data back with just a few clicks. Disk Drill is one of the very few software that allows the user to recover data for free.

Disk Drill comes with sophisticated algorithms that allow the users to enjoy several types of scans depending on the type of data. It has an innovative interface that allows the users to educate themselves about the other aspects of the computers.


  • Streamline file recovery.
  • Free data protection told.
  • Free 500 megabytes data recovery with a trial version.


  • Lack of technical support.

5. Stellar

Stellar has been in the data recovery industry for over two decades and has made quite a name for itself in the industry. Although it lacks some advanced features that you can enjoy from other data recovery software, it gets the job done with common files. As it handled only the common types of files, the data recovery success rate is comparatively higher.

Stellar data recovery software supports a wide array of platforms and helps the users recover data from almost any device. Being one of the oldest of its kind, it is capable of working with large storage devices. It is better option for you to learn about Ask Reader. 


  • Three scan preview options.
  • Support Unicode file recovery.
  • Additional features can be added for extended capabilities.


  • Require a yearly Licence.

Final Verdict

Data loss is a traumatizing experience. Therefore, you must go for the right data recovery software that compliments your needs and offers tailor-made solutions. We have enlisted some of the best data recovery software. You can try their free version to gauge their potential and then go for the PRO version.

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