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 What Content Can I Make on YouTube: 11 Great YouTube Video Ideas

Since the beginning of its journey, YouTube has become one of the most popular social media networks. Currently, it holds nearly one billion users. From recent Bollywood songs to vintage movie clippings, all are at your reach with the help of YouTube. A single click on the search bar and a plethora of entertainment show up! Why only education? YouTube offers innumerable videos on education, sports, and many other things. So, briefly, it is a comprehensive platform to watch and upload videos and influence many audiences. But when it comes to uploading videos on YouTube, people often run out of YouTube video ideas and get perplexed about what to upload.

If you see, proper YouTube videos can be the presentation of excellent social media marketing skills. If you want to promote your skills or business, it is the greatest platform ever. But, without the right kind of ideas, things will not go well. So, you must get some fresh, unique YouTube video ideas before you start uploading videos. Here, in this article, we have listed down some of the great YouTube video ideas. Stick to the end to lighten up your brain with exclusive ideas.

1. Vlog:

People love to watch other people’s daily life. So, a vlog can be a good idea to try if you plan to start uploading videos on YouTube. A vlog may include an introduction video of yourself or your business. Make it more engaging and compelling to grab people’s attention.

2. Explainer Video:

If you want to promote your business, you should go for this explainer video. In this video, you can explain your products, services, and business ideas. People often prefer to watch such videos to gain knowledge about the product or service. Also, they get insights from the videos.

3. 50 Special Facts:

When it comes to passing the time, people love to watch special fact videos. In this way, you can grab the attention of the viewers. For example, you can make a video on 50 psychological facts. People will come and learn from it. They will definitely love these YouTube video ideas with such information.

4. Tutorial Videos:

Most probably, “how-to” videos are the most-searched videos on the internet. Especially, it is used by tech service providers and beauty product sellers, and promoters. These tutorial videos include how to fix several technical gadgets, how to prepare beauty products, how to make homemade remedies for skins, etc.

5. DIY Videos:

It is quite similar to the tutorial videos. However, these videos majorly include craft and homely things.  From preparing flower vases to making clay dolls- YouTube has a solution for everything.

6. Cooking Videos:

Some people eat to live while some people live to eat. Therefore, people love the videos that bring them virtual gastronomic pleasure. Cooking videos, including preparation of desert, preparation of multiple food items from different regions, help to bring traffic to your channel.

7. Motivational Stories:

In this 21st century, what we lack the most is confidence and self-fulfillment. A powerful motivational video brings the lost confidence to people. Though self-motivation is the best way to stay motivated, people prefer to go to external sources for motivation. So, give them that satisfaction with your motivational stories through YouTube.

8. Work Out Tutorial:

If you are looking for YouTube video ideas, simply place your workout mat and perform the workout tasks. Make a tutorial for exercises. Many people want to do exercises but do not get where to start.  Your tutorials will help them to get the right knowledge about the posture, time duration, diet, and other essential things.

9. Webinar:

Since the pandemic emerged, webinars have replaced the long-day seminars. Now, you can attend the virtual seminars or webinars in a new term, without taking any stress. You can fulfill your household tasks along with following the webinars. It will help you to learn things directly from the comfort of your room.

10. Q &A Videos:

If your business is already established on an online platform or not established much, you must solve people’s queries. This helps to improve the credibility of the company. From the Q&A videos, people will get to learn about multiple things regarding your business. So, in this way, you can promote your business well.

11. Movie Review:

Movie-lovers love to get feedback for the movie they love. And, currently, a lot of people prefer to watch movie reviews. But yes, this asks for really good content. Otherwise, your reviews will not be able to grab people’s attention. And try to make the video on the movies just after its release.

Along with these, other innumerable YouTube video ideas improve social media marketing skills. Also, some are there to enjoy; for example, comedy skits, music videos, etc.

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