What are the different bets available inroulette on w88?

Roulette is a widely played casino game all over the world. Since it is easy to play this game even without experience, more players are willing to play this game. Websites like w88 offer this game with all its varieties. Although the gameplay of the game remains similar, there are several types of bets that one could place to win differently according to the outcomes of the same game. Let us discuss the various types of bets available in a roulette game in brief.

Inside bets

Straight up – It is the basic form of betting in a roulette game. Your roulette board will contain some numbers from zero to thirty-six. If you select any number from this and place your bet on that, you will win when the ball lands on that number after the spinning of the board.

Split – Split is a type of inside bet that would let you place your bet on two options thus increasing the chances of winning it. For instance, you can place your bet on nine and ten at once. All you have to do is to place your coins on the middle line between these two numbers. The ball’s landing on either nine or ten would get you the payout.

Street –Some players would not love to lose money too soon and some types of bet could let them not do so. The street is such a kind of the bet that would get the payout even when the ball ends up one of the selected three numbers.

Corner – It is better than all the inside bets as the probability of winning is way better. Here, you can choose four spaces for the ball to end up after the spin.

Outside bets

Red/Black – If you look at the roulette board, you can see that the numbers have one of the two colors on their background colored in alternative spaces. Red and black would be the two colors and you can choose these colors as your bet. The objective would be to get the ball landed on the chosen color irrespective of the number.

Even/Odd – As there would be numbers from zero to thirty-six or something, there would be odd and even digits. You can choose also this category as your bet.

High/Low – A bet on a low would win if the ball lands somewhere below 18.

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