What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars versus hydrogen cars?

Recently, the interest and demand for electric cars and hydrogen vehicles using renewable energy have been overgrowing. As companies worldwide continue to compete to introduce eco-friendly cars like these, along with the movement to reduce carbon emissions,

let’s take a look at the benefits and cons of electric and hydrogen cars that may be unfamiliar to those who want to buy them.


An electric vehicle refers to a vehicle that uses electricity as its energy and does not receive driving energy from the combustion of fossil fuels, but a vehicle that produces driving energy by rotating the motor using electricity stored in the battery.

Because fossil fuels are not used while driving, there is no emission of exhaust gases like carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides, so it is environmentally friendly. If it is powered only by electric motors, the operation cost is also cheaper, so it is economical, and there is almost no noise.


Moreover, it can be charged at home with power at night, and it is easy to operate because there is no need to change gears, and the risk of explosion in case of an accident is shallow. Electric vehicles were built before petrol vehicles in 1873 but were not practical use due to the heavyweight of batteries and charging times.

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Despite its numerous advantages, battery performance and limited mileage are the major drawbacks of electric vehicles. Although rapid development has been achieved so far, it is expected that electric vehicles will only become popular if conditions such as lightweight and low volume batteries and low charging are further developed.

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Mileage has recently increased to 400 km by applying lithium-ion batteries, but it is still inadequate. One of the reasons why people are reluctant to buy electric vehicles is the lack of charging infrastructure.

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