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Tips to Prepare for a Trade Show

Before preparing to attend an event, it’s essential to make a plan and be thorough with each of the different parts of your trade show display. Some tips to get you started are create a budget, set goals, use social media to bring awareness, and how to prepare those who will be managing your booth. Portable trade show displays are extremely helpful to have for your upcoming trade show event.

Create a budget

Before you begin making your plans for hosting or attending an event, it’s critical that you set a budget. This will help you to know how much money to spend preparing for the event in social media posts and ads, creating your trade show display and items to give away at the event. Each trade show is different and the price to attend a trade show will vary.

Set goals

After your budget is created, set goals for the different components of preparing for the event. Consider how much money you’d like to spend on marketing and advertising. While social media reaches a lot of people, it’s wise to use a variety of marketing strategies to reach a larger number of people. Your marketing strategy should be dependent on who your audience is.

Creating SMART goals is a useful tactic because your goals will be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based. The type of goal setting is beneficial and will help you achieve your goals. At the trade show, you could set the goal of talking to 300 people, gaining 150 leads and setting up 75 meetings.

Awareness on social media

Work with your marketing team to start the advertising campaign early enough in advance so your social media audience has enough time to see the event. Giveaways are a great way to have people share posts and tag friends to spread the word about the trade show event. Giveaway prizes are also great incentives for your followers to be motivated to help you promote the event.

Prepare your team

It is important to have your staff fully trained and feeling prepared for the trade show event. Explain to them that it’s important to physically prepare for the event by getting enough rest the night before and to drink plenty of water during the event. Train your team and encourage them to have fun and be captivating to the audience at the trade show. A helpful tip is to have someone standing in front of your booth to help capture the attention of potential customers.

Hire a Professional

At ExpoMarketing, we create portable trade show displays to help our clients have success at their trade show events. We have several different designs and dimensions for you to choose from so we can help you achieve your vision. It’s essential to know that these displays are so easy to assemble and take down that it can be done with just one person. With our experience, we know what will captivate an audience and lead you to success.

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