The most gambling celebrities in India

Gambling is popular among a wide audience of Indians. Many celebrities are frequent visitors to online sites, as well as land-based gambling halls, which can be regularly read about in show business news. This is especially true of Bollywood stars who use gambling entertainment as a way to have a good time.

Akshay Kumar

When it comes to the richest Bollywood actors, Akshay Kumar tops the list. He is not only a popular actor, but also a martial artist. Among the most famous paintings of Akshay are:

  • Hera Pheri;
  • Raksha Bandhan;
  • Airlift.

The 54-year-old actor not only continues to actively act in new films but is also known for his addiction to gambling entertainment. He prefers to spend time playing blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Many journalists who cover show business in India note that Akshay is favored by the goddess of fortune. He regularly receives big winnings while betting and always stays in good spirits.

The actor’s addiction to gambling is evidenced by the fact that during his birthday he took his mother to the casino, where he celebrated it with his relatives. Modern gamblers are well aware that it is not even necessary to leave the apartment to bet in a casino. It is enough to go to the site and choose the appropriate entertainment from the catalog. All slots have a random number generator, so you can be sure that each win will be immediately sent to the deposit.

Ravi Kapoor aka Jitendra

Speaking of Bollywood stars who can be called veterans of the acting profession, most will remember Ravi Kapoor, who recently turned 80 years old. He played many memorable roles, including characters in such cult films as “Nagina” (1986) and “Humjoli” (1970). The actor can be seen in the best gambling establishments in Goa. Like many people in Bollywood, he prefers card games but occasionally sits at the roulette tables.

The actor is so passionate about gambling that he turned his own house in Bombay into a kind of casino. Inside the spacious mansion, there are more than a dozen gaming tables, as well as a mini-bar and other attributes of land-based casinos.

Minisha Lamba

Among the fair sex, who are shining in Bollywood right now, it is worth noting the actress Minisha Lamba. She is known for her versatile roles. In addition to excellent acting skills, the girl became famous thanks to the rates in the casino. Poker remains her personal favorite. The actress not only makes bets in Goa establishments but also participates in international poker tournaments. If we talk about the latest competitions in which she took part, then these will be:

  • Deltin Poker;
  • India Poker;
  • WPT500 Aria Poker.

It should be noted that WPT500 Aria Poker was held in Las Vegas, and the girl showed good results. She is the third-best female poker player in India.

German Baweja

Another member of the younger generation of Bollywood actors is Herman Baweja, who is among the professional poker players. The young man manages to successfully combine regular shooting, as well as participation in top tournaments. Herman is lucky in his hobby, so you can regularly see reports in the media that he has taken high positions in poker tournaments taking place in India and other countries.

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