The Importance Of Flowers In Indian Festivals

Flowers brighten up every occasion whether it is a wedding, a birthday celebration or be it any Indian festival. India is a country of various cultures and traditions and hence the large number of festivals every year. While Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to cherish the special bond of a brother and sister, Diwali is known as the celebration of Lord Ram returning back to Ayodhya after an exile of 14 year, however, there is one thing common in every Indian festival and that is flowers. Yes, you might not have given much thought about it, but flowers fit in well with every Indian festival, be it decorating your home with beautiful blooms on Diwali or giving your loved ones a beautiful floral bouquet on Holi. Flowers play a vital role in every Indian festival, from decorations to decking up people’s participation in the celebrations. Here is all about the importance of flowers in Indian festivals.

Psychological Significance: Flowers are an epitome of purity, strength and kindness and the sight of beautiful flowers give peaceful and positive vibes. As per ancient history, flowers have a special place in our life where they symbolically represent respect, love and honor. The very sight of blooming flowers adorning our house on the festival of Diwali, or the fragrance of flower petals kept on the Rakhi thali makes us fill with happiness and joy which surely cannot be expressed in words.

Flowers For Home Decor: Whether it is about decorating the house with  beautiful and colourful garland of flowers on the festival of Diwali, or  about decorating your interiors with beautiful flower vases to welcome guests on Holi, without a touch of these blooming beauties, every festival seems incomplete. Flowers are used in many ways for home decoration and that is what makes it a special yet essential ingredient for every  Indian festival. Floral candles with mesmerizing fragrances, potpourri made of dried flowers and also flower paintings surely manage to liven up your space on every occasion.

Flowers As A Gift: Gifting is a tradition of every Indian festival exchanging sweets and presents is what expresses love and care for our loved ones and flowers make for amazing gift options be it any Indian festival. There is a large variety of bouquets of flowers available online as well as offline these days which can completely delight your loved ones whether it is Raksha Bandhan or Holi. Choose from a range of heart-shaped bouquets, chocolate bouquets, alphabet shaped bouquets and much more to delight your near and dear ones.

Flowers In Cooking: Floral cakes and desserts with a twist of rose petals and other such flowery ingredients make the food taste better. Every Indian festival is incomplete without some dessert. However, there are a lot of trendy Indian desserts, like barfi made using rose petals, gulab ki kheer and much more. The essence of flowers make us feel better, and the deliciou taste makes every festival exciting and lovely .

Well, now you know the significance of beautiful blooms at every Indian festival. So, opt for an online cake and bouquet delivery in Hyderabad, and delight your loved ones at every Indian festival with these blooming beauties and a sweet treat to tantalize their taste buds.

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