The Best Beach Vacations in Asia for Couples

With their serene waves, exquisite sunsets, and thrilling water sports, beaches can be the perfect romantic getaway for couples of all types.

So, if you’re planning to surprise your partner with a romantic vacation this summer, the gorgeous white-sand beaches of Asia should feature prominently on your list of potential destinations.

With a coastline spanning no less than 62,800 km, Asia offers some of the most diverse and exotic beaches in the world. Whether you prefer the thrill of water sports or the tranquility of long, romantic walks along the sandy shore, there is a beach in Asia that will appeal to your tastes.

Aqua blue waters, tropical scenery, sunny skies, and soft, pearly sands lined with palm trees make for an attractive getaway for couples looking to rekindle the romance. And Asia has plenty to offer, in all the aforementioned categories.

Read on to know more about some of the most amazing beach destinations in Asia for couples.

Pantai Merah, Indonesia

Also known as the Pink Beach, Pantai Merah (on the eastern side of Komodo Island), is one of the seven incredible beaches on earth that have pink sand. The seawater here is extremely clear, which further highlights the pretty pink sands of the beach. The reason for the pinkish hue can be traced back to old bits of coral that, over the years, were broken down by the waves.

These red corals merged with the white sands of the beach to turn the shore a striking pink color. As you can imagine, this makes for some lovely, romantic scenery that couples are bound to enjoy. For a more intimate experience, you can even take a stand-up paddleboard out into the water, to study the unique pink sands up close.

Railay Beach, Thailand

If solitude, privacy, and serenity are things you want on your romantic beach vacation, then the Railay beach in Thailand might be the perfect destination for you. Surrounded on all sides by towering limestone cliffs, this beach can only be reached via boat.

This isolation from the mainland has made Railay beach a quiet, hidden gem where rock-climbers, sunbathers, and stand-up paddlers can all enjoy the bounties of nature without any modern distractions.

There are no cars or buses to be found in this exquisite Thai beach, and longtail boats are the only means of transportation to and from the mainland. The lazy days, adventurous water sports, and romantic evenings that Railay offers helps it draw vacationers and honeymooners from around the world.

Miyako Island, Japan

The beaches of Miyako Island in Japan are exquisite, remote, colorful, and completely unspoiled. A gorgeous array of undamaged coral reefs makes this island a favorite among tourists who prefer destinations that are slightly offbeat and unique. Maehama beach is the largest and most popular of all the beaches on this island.

The soft sand dunes and turquoise blue waters of Maehama have made it extremely popular among locals and tourists alike. If you ever find yourself looking for a way to escape the crowds and frolic in the water while on a trip to Japan, then you should definitely pay Miyako Island a visit, along with your special someone. Its radiant aquatic life and massive coral reefs have made this island a favorite among snorkeling enthusiasts.

Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

If your idea of a perfect honeymoon comprises the sound of crashing waves, a freshly opened coconut, and a comfy hammock, then the exquisite crescent beach of Mirissa in Sri Lanka is the right destination for you and your beloved.

Around the beach, you will find many luxurious resorts and affordable (yet amazing) restaurants, where you can satiate your desire for the delicious Sri Lankan curries. Mirissa also offers tourists lots of beachside bars, cheap cocktails, and lively parties, so you won’t miss the nightlife back home.

Whale watching trips and exciting water sports such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling are also a major draw for couples who want a bit of thrill and excitement in their romantic vacation.

Palawan, Philippines

The Province of Palawan in the Philippines is home to some of the best beaches in the country. Charming lagoons, limestone formations, and unique karst cliffs make this one of the most scenic and romantic beach destinations in Asia. If you find the idea of exploring remote islands on a boat romantic, then Palawan might be just the destination you’ve been looking for.

The Coron Bay shipwrecks – a result of the US bombardment of Japanese ships during the Second World War – have attracted curious explorers to Palawan for decades. Kayaking, boating, parasailing, and paddleboarding are some of the popular watersports that you can try out in this region.

Wrapping Up

Can’t wait to visit some of these lovely and exotic tropical beaches with your special someone? Well, why not start packing right now?

Just be sure to plan ahead for the activities you want to partake in, and pack accordingly. Of course, a sunhat, sunscreen, swimming costume, and inflatable paddleboard are must-need items for any beach vacation, so you better not forget those!


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