The management sector is a sector that has got its place in all other sectors. Whatever industry and business arise, everything requires proper administration and management. Efficient administration and management are very essential in any field of business. The world today, with numerous business establishments, needs individuals who possess extraordinary management skills. As the management sector has expanded its wings into various facets of the business gallery, highly specialized management courses are created and made available for the students who build the future.

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) is an undergraduate course under the management umbrella. The course concentrates on developing the required skills within the students through practical training. The curriculum of the course is designed to meet global standards. Students who dream of accomplishing a successful career in the business world or management sector are welcome to pursue this course.

Having the demand escalated for BBA graduates, numerous colleges and universities have begun to offer BBA courses. Pursuing BBA in the best management college, like Arya College Jaipur, is an added advantage for a bright future.


  • What is BBA?
  • Eligibility criteria for BBA
  • Modes of BBA courses
  • BBA Admission Process
  • Specializations available in BBA
  • BBA Course Module
  • Benefits of pursuing a BBA course
  • FAQs

What is BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) is an undergraduate course in the management sector. The curriculum of the course is designed with the skill sets required for the business kingdom, which includes accountancy, economics, marketing, administration, and management. In addition, the curriculum is of international standard, thus opening doors for global job opportunities in multiple sectors such as finance, marketing, sales, management, and many more.

This management course educates and incorporates desired skill sets expected by corporates and multinational entities from students. The course module is planned with immense practical training sessions such as case study analysis, group discussions, and seminars.

Eligibility criteria for BBA:

The eligibility criteria for the BBA course in specific best BBA colleges in Jaipur, like Arya College, are as follows:

  • 10+2 completing from a recognized board
  • 50% aggregate marks in 10+2
  • Any stream, i.e., science, arts, and commerce, can pursue BBA
  • Minimum 17 years of age and no maximum age limit.

There can be slight variations in the eligibility criteria, such as the requirement of a low or high aggregate score in 10+2. Certain colleges require compulsory entrance exam scores for admission.

Modes of BBA Courses:

Making education available for everyone, from students to working professionals, has become a prime consideration among educational institutes. In order to satisfy this necessity, colleges are providing BBA courses in various modes, as described below. These different modes support students in pursuing their higher education in the management field. Here is a description of the different modes of BBA courses offered by the best BBA colleges in India.

Full-time BBA:

The full-time BBA is a regular course with a course duration of 2 years. Students who have completed 12th grade and wish to pursue BBA immediately can prefer full-time BBA courses.

Full-time BBA is provided at many management colleges all over India. The course is full-time and trains the individual at a slow and steady pace for the business environment.

Part-time BBA:

Part-time BBA is preferable for students who cannot devote the entire day to college. The course syllabus of part-time BBA is the same as that of full-time BBA. The timing of the college will be quite flexible for the students pursuing part-time courses, and the course duration is the same as full-time BBA.

Distance BBA:

Many people struggle to commute to college and cannot spare enough time for their studies for specific reasons. Those students can pursue BBA in distance mode. This is a wonderful opportunity to pursue their dream management course and become successful candidates for business empires. This mode of BBA does not require the student to visit college, thus facilitating students to study in their comfortable environment.

The course duration remains the same, i.e., 3 years.

BBA Admission Process:

The admission procedure varies in different colleges and universities. In colleges like Arya College Jaipur, the admission procedure is quite simple and student-friendly. The documents required for admission are as follows:

  • Birth certificate
  • 10+2 mark sheet

Specializations available in BBA:

The best BBA colleges in Jaipur provide enormous specialization options which students can pursue according to their interests. Here is the list of specializations in BBA:

  • BBA Computer Application
  • BBA Banking & Insurance
  • BBA Foreign Trade
  • BBA Human Resource Management
  • BBA Information Technology
  • BBA Finance & Accounting
  • BBA Digital Marketing
  • BBA Supply Chain Management
  • BBA Entrepreneurship
  • BBA E-Commerce
  • BBA Tourism
  • BBA Hotel Management

BBA Course Module:

BBA being a 3-year course, is partitioned into six semesters. The core subjects taught in the duration of this course are as follows:

  • Business organization
  • Business laws
  • Business economics
  • Business data processing
  • Business mathematics & statistics
  • Principles of management
  • Financial & management accounting
  • Production & materials management
  • Personnel management & industry relations
  • Marketing management

Benefits of pursuing a BBA course: 

Pursuing a BBA course has a wide range of advantages. The students will have multiple career options by pursuing a BBA course. A few benefits of pursuing a BBA course are detailed here:

Learning business tactics:

BBA is the best undergraduate course where business tactics and methodologies are taught at the primary level. The students get to learn the deep roots of business in a steady course curriculum. 

Broad scope of the job and higher study opportunities:

BBA is a management course with multifaceted subjects, including finance, marketing, accounting, and so on. Learning more than one sector in BBA lets the students establish a career in multiple fields. In addition, the course also paves the way for students to pursue higher studies in any field, thus broadening the higher education window.

Practical knowledge:

The BBA course is designed with a lot of practical exposure together with theoretical education. This course naturally prepares the students for the actual business grounds, and the students emerge as experienced professionals even before entering the business sector.

High salary scale job positions:

BBA course is a direct business-related course; hence, the students who pursue this course will have immense knowledge and training compared to other field graduates. So, various industries hire BBA graduates for high salary packages for their business knowledge.

Personal development:

Beyond all the job scope, the BBA course inculcates valuable skills into the students, thus preparing them as efficient candidates for the future. The students are trained with managerial skills, technical skills, soft skills, and much more, which personally develops the individual.

The above-mentioned benefits will be a convincing answer for the students to pursue BBA.

If a student aspires to make their mark in the business world, it is a great decision to pursue BBA as the course prepares them for it. At the same time, it is vital for the student to pursue the course on the right platform. Pursuing the course at a renowned college like Arya College will significantly benefit your future career. Arya College Jaipur provides education through highly qualified faculties with exceptionally equipped laboratories and hands-on experience. The student-friendly environment and home-like hostel facilities are a plus. 

Advice and guidelines can be provided, but the students are responsible for making decisions. Search and research the course, analyze multiple institutes’ features, and finalize your decision with contentment.


1. Is Arya College Jaipur a NAAC and NBA-accredited college?

Yes, Arya College Jaipur is a NAAC and NBA-accredited college. It is one of the best BBA colleges in India with 22 years of experience.

2. Can I pursue an MBA after my BBA degree?

Yes, you can pursue MBA after BBA. Since BBA is an undergraduate course and MBA is a postgraduate course.

3. Does Arya College Jaipur provide placement facilities?

Yes, Arya College Jaipur provides 100% placement facilities for students of all streams in their college.

4. Who are the top recruiters at Arya College Jaipur?

Infosys, TCS, Capgemini, Amazon, IBM, Byjus, and Cognizant are some of the top recruiters in Arya College.

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