The Beginner’s Guide To Buying An Ebike

Electric bicycles are a much more ecological means of transport than cars to get around the city, and they are also very useful for people who want to go to work by bicycle. To have an electric bicycle we have two options: it can be purchased completely or we can convert a conventional bicycle into an electric one through a conversion kit.

Tips for buying electric bikes

When buying or building an electric bicycle, we must take into account various factors and practical considerations, since there are electric bicycles for almost all types of users, tastes, and needs.

First of all, we will have to choose between buying an electric bicycle assembled from the factory or buying a conversion kit to convert a conventional bicycle into an electric one:

Factory electric bicycles 

They can be purchased at electric bike best buy and they are completely assembled by the manufacturer, so the customer does not have to carry out any type of mechanical work or adjustment. Although they involve a higher financial outlay, they offer better performance and a more attractive design, since the electrical system is perfectly integrated into the cycle part from the design phase.Visit here for informative about Door Lock

Conversion kits

They allow to transform a normal bicycle into an electric bicycle, so they are very interesting for those who cannot afford to buy a factory model since it is a cheaper option. Conversion kits include a motor, controller, and pedaling sensor, while other components such as throttle, cut-off brake levers, or assist control system are optional. They are generally easy and quick to install. 

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that an electric bicycle has to meet several requirements to legally continue to be a bicycle, such as:

It shouldn’t have an accelerator. It should be an electric bike pedal assist which means the motor only activates when you pedal, providing assistance only below 25 km/h.

In this way, the bike can ride on public roads without the need for insurance, license, or documentation. In addition, as it is a bicycle for all purposes, you can use bike lanes and cycle paths without limitations.

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If it fails to meet any of these criteria, either by origin or by having modified the original product afterward, the vehicle will legally cease to be a bike and will be considered a moped, which could lead to legal problems if it is not duly approved and registered.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Urban, walking, and folding bikes are the most recommended for use in the city.

Mountain bikes are suitable for use on roads and trails, but they are not appropriate for riding around the city, as they are impractical and the thick tires reduce efficiency.

In urban bicycles, some accessories are almost essential, such as mudguards, lights, bells, baskets, or saddlebags, as well as the rearview mirror.

Both the cycle part and the electrical system must be of quality.

If we already have a good bike, a highly recommended option is to assemble a kit to convert it to electric.

To install a motor kit on the front wheel, it is convenient that our bike has a fixed fork or a high-quality suspension.

Regarding the frame, there are quality frames in both aluminum and steel.

In an electric bicycle, weight is important, since it directly influences autonomy, so it should not exceed 25 kg in weight.

As for batteries, lead-acid batteries are cheap and offer good autonomy, but lithium batteries are more modern, smaller, and lighter. 

In general, the cheapest models have a steel frame and a lead battery, reaching a weight of between 30 and 40 kg, while the highest quality bicycles have an aluminum or carbon frame and a lithium battery, weighing between 16 and 25 kg.

On the other hand, it is advisable to ensure the reliability of the company that manufactures or markets the product, so that it is duly approved and we have technical support that facilitates the repair or replacement of the electrical part, as well as a guarantee.

It is also important to ensure the availability of spare parts and accessories, especially batteries since it is a components with a limited useful life. If the cycle part is standard, we can repair it or add accessories more easily, as if it were a normal bicycle.

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