Teeth Whitening Is Successful at a Professional Dentist’s Clinic – Learn Why

If you’re contemplating whether to whiten your teeth at home or a professional dental clinic, you need to understand the differences between both. Though, home teeth whitening is more cost-effective than that of a dentist’s clinic, the outcome of professional treatment is superior and involves little risk compared to home or over-counter treatment. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, in-chair teeth whitening is quick and usually done in a single appointment costing you around $600 – $1,000. Then, if you want the best care for your teeth, a visit to the dentist is recommended. Here is why: 

Sparking and long-lasting smile

The greatest benefit of visiting a dentist is the treatment accuracy and positive outcome that’s impossible when it comes to home teeth whitening. The dentist will have a closer look at your teeth to ensure that whitening is fine for you. In case, you’ve noticeable teeth restorations, bleaching isn’t a great idea because your teeth might get stained or discolored. So, only a dentist will understand this and figure out whether tooth bleaching is suitable for you or not. It will prevent possible flaws in the teeth whitening process. 

A dental expert will do teeth cleaning and get rid of tartar or plaque before using the bleaching agent to improve results. The dentist will also ascertain the process is safe and painless with the least sensitivity of tooth as well as gum irritation after the teeth whitening treatment. 

Quick results in just an hour 

Whether you choose a clinic or at-home treatment, the bleaching agent used is hydrogen peroxide. At a clinic, a dentist at Blue Cedar Dentistry will use 15 percent to 43 percent of hydrogen peroxide while home teeth whitening techniques use 3 percent to 20 percent. The more bleaching agent is used; a dental professional will whiten your teeth in a better way and in a short time. 

Besides peroxide, a dental expert will apply light or heat to quicken the teeth whitening procedure and improve the results. At home, it will take weeks and sometimes months to see visible outcomes while an in-office process will give you assured results, two or eight shades lighter and that too in an hour. 

Little risk related to tooth damage and sensitivity

Gum irritation and tooth sensitivity are common problems after teeth whitening sessions. When the bleaching agent is left on your teeth leading to dehydration, it results in tooth sensitivity. If the hydrogen peroxide intrudes into the gum, pain and irritation will follow when you eat some kind of food. At home, there are high chances of misuse resulting in tooth pain and sensitivity. The outcome will be less than perfect. 

However, when you get your teeth whitened at a dental clinic, the dentist will prepare your teeth, gums, and mouth before using hydrogen peroxide to prevent tooth damage and sensitivity. 


At-home teeth whitening isn’t free from risks like pain, sensitivity, and flawed outcome compared to professional treatment at a dental clinic, which is painless and perfect. 

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