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Low-code enhances the digital capabilities of organizations to the next level. The low-code platform increases developer productivity by combining capabilities and tools. Developers should also consider which low-code platforms are better suited to their organization’s digital marketing strategy, including the ability of the platform to develop more types of applications in every line of business. As program interfaces and supported innovative usage patterns (IoT, AI) are constantly evolving, most developers need a low code platform for java developers that can deploy applications with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) IT infrastructure services. A platform service for developing various PaaS (Platform as a Service) and hybrid cloud applications. The low-code adoption process provides professional developers with an excellent opportunity to engage in high-level discussions on strategic and business goals. Which, considering the latent pressure on his current obligations Discussing these matters is suitable for their work.


In OutSystems’ point of view, digital transformation is a work in progress and is noted by an Outsystems study surveying IT professionals across various business sectors. More than 3,300 people in the world in 8 countries, including Thailand as follows: –

        The market also has a high demand for software application development all the time.

        Organizations are taking too little time to develop apps.

        Back locking is a recurring problem.

        App development skills are also scarce.

        Agile and customer-centric practices are increasing in popularity.

        The customer-centric concept continues to emerge.

        low-code is going mainstream

Low-code also eliminates ” mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker low code alternatives,” where software development happens faster than any developer’s skill set can catch up, enabling developers to pursue digital transformation roadmaps without delay. It’s all gone with increasing skills and training new technologies. That lasted a long time, and since prototyping and MVP creation is quick and easy. Users without any coding experience can develop prototypes (MVPs) on the web, mobile, and other applications. within minutes

As a result of collaborating with developers, organizations can find a balanced middle-ground for collaboration. Over 18% of IT leaders in APAC say cross-functional cooperation is one of the top three challenges in any organization. Therefore, organizations using a shared environment low-code platform will facilitate better collaboration between technical and non-technical departments.

What is a hybrid application, why is it interesting, and should you choose it?

Everything has been developed into an application in this era because the new generation uses mobile phones to view websites. View news and used to work on the development of various services in digital media today. Therefore, it has been pushed to become more and more applications for easy access to consumers. However, the development of services such as media or different programs in applications has not only one development channel. Mainly, there are two types of development channels or methods. But the most popular and talked about is the development of an App to be “Hybrid.”

Why are hybrid apps the best?

Hybrid apps in other apps are apps developed with web languages such as HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript. These applications run in native containers, which allow them to run on any mobile system. For example: To run on Android, an app can run in an Android native container, while an app can be moved to an iOS native container to run on iOS.

The advantage of hybrid apps is that they save time and energy. Apps need to be developed once, hybrid mobile application development platform and then apps can connect to any system, while native apps have to be developed for each system individually. However, the hybrid app has a better user interface as it was developed specifically for that system. It also has better compatibility with a reduced chance of certain parts of the app crashing.

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