Starting a Band? Check Out MusicianNerd for All Your Sound Equipment Needs

Music has often been referred to as a universal language, and with good reason. You can use music to communicate with people of all ages, from all parts of the world. For some, playing music is a creative outlet. For others, it’s a potential career. Forming a band is a great way to expand your musical talents and earn income from performing. Firstly, you’ll need to choose a band name and identify your musical genre. Then, you’ll need instruments and sound equipment. Let’s look at how to identify your sound equipment needs for your new band.

You’ll need excellent microphones.

Microphones take sound waves and turn those waves into electrical signals. People use microphones to increase the volume and transmit electrical signals to recording equipment or amplifiers.

Choosing the perfect microphone can be challenging, but the experts at MusicianNerd provide plenty of information you can use to choose the best microphones for your band. Investing in top-quality microphones ensures that you’re familiar with your equipment before you perform so you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to use someone else’s equipment before a gig or recording session.

Knowing the characteristics of different mics allows you to easily narrow down your selection. With prices ranging from under $100 to over $1,200, MusicianNerd outlines the best wireless mics on the market and their key features which include:

  • Shure PGXD24/BETA58
  • Samson Go HXD2
  • Sennheiser EW 135P G4
  • Audio Technica ATW-T1002

Dynamic microphones are ideal for vocals but you can also use a dynamic or condenser microphone for an acoustic guitar. A tip is to look for mics that manage the proximity effect so your cardioid mic doesn’t produce feedback if it’s too close to the sound source.

The number of mics your band needs will depend on several factors. Your lead singer will need a mic to amplify their vocals but your backup singers will also need microphones. Furthermore, you’ll need a mic to amplify sounds from an acoustic guitar. You may also use microphones to amplify your drums if performing in a large venue.

What other sound equipment do you need?

Moreover, every band needs amps and speakers for their performances. Amplifiers relay the electrical signals to your speakers while your mixer board enables you to adjust the sound levels, ensuring your audience can hear all vocals and instruments.

Your band will also need microphone stands to hold all microphones during the performance. Even if your lead singer holds their microphone in their hand for some numbers, they’ll need a safe place to set their microphone between sets.

Cables are a must-have to connect your equipment during a show. However, opting for cordless microphones reduces the number of cables required, making it easier to connect equipment. Ensure you have long cables so you don’t have to run cables across your stage, which could cause band members to trip during performances.

Does your band have other equipment needs?

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier to reach a global audience than ever before. In the past, bands had to cut a record and distribute it to radio stations in the hopes of getting airplay to build their fan base. However, we live in an age where the internet expands your reach and gives you better access to your audience. But with this accessibility comes more and more artists competing for the same audience. Consequently, you may look for ways to distinguish your band from competitors.

If you plan to make music videos, check out MusicianNerd’s boom pole microphones and filming equipment reviews. Some musicians have even started podcasts to promote their band so investing in podcast microphones and recording equipment gives you the option of building your fan base with a podcast. You could also invest in streaming microphones and equipment and stream chats and performances via streaming platforms such as Twitch.

Bands need plenty of sound equipment to record music or amplify live performances. Reading product evaluations can help you identify the best equipment for your band’s needs.

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