Shop these 53 impressive Etsy finds priced from $2

If you’re in the market for a more customized gift that will earn plenty of “oohs” and “aahs” this, look to Etsy as a one-stop shop for everyone on your list.

“More than ever, shoppers are prioritizing extra considerate gifts that show their gratitude for their loved ones, and turning to Etsy for meaningful, unique presents that can’t be found anywhere else,” Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson tells Shop TODAY. “Many Etsy sellers even offer made-to-order pieces, allowing shoppers to give a gift that is truly special and one-of-a-kind.”

From a customized pet portrait for the dog parents in your life to a divot tool for the enthusiastic golfer, shop small business gifts for him, her, kids, candle enthusiasts and your best friends.

Etsy gifts for her

New Joy Studio Personalized Initial Phone Case

With options to display their initials or a short nickname on this phone case that’s available for iPhones, Samsung and Google Pixel devices, you can also personalize the design of the case, choosing between three different marble backgrounds and 16 different text color combinations

It appears even more impressive in real life and I receive praises for it consistently,” remarked a single commentator.
Leather Page Custom Toiletry Pouch

For the lady who’s constantly journeying, surprise her with this pouch that can act as not just a toiletry bag, but also as a carrier for whatever items she desires, as reviewers ranked it the “most adorable universal pouch ever.” Crafted with “exquisite leather,” choose between neutral shades like pitch black or tobacco brown, or go for a burst of color with vintage red or forest green.

ATHENUS Birth Flower Portable Jewelry Case

Whether they’re obsessed with blossoms, or are unaware of their birth flower, surprise them with this jewelry travel case that will keep bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces secure and intact. Multiple reviewers mentioned that these were the perfect addition to their bridesmaid boxes, thanks to the assortment of colors and personalization details.

Jojo Studios Personalized Correspondence Cards

If physical mail is still their preferred mode of communication, gift them with this set of “top-notch paper and envelopes,” according to reviewers. With options for gifting 10 up to 300 cards, they’ll appreciate the attention to detail and the thought put into this gift, with choices to personalize the envelope shade, ink shade, and the return address. A few reviewers mentioned that they are repeat customers of this stationery store, thanks to the craftsmanship and swift completion of the products.

Rustic Laser Designs Hilarious Charcuterie Utensils

For the music-devoted culinary enthusiast, merge their two passions with these charcuterie knives that feature a cheese-themed rock song lyric on them.

Spreading cheese has taken a comical turn, featuring verses such as “Delightful visions are crafted from cheese” and “Greetings, is it brie you are in pursuit of?” and so forth. This collection is highly praised by evaluators due to their faithful resemblance to the online depiction, serving as an exceptionally adorable and clever present.

Browse at Bash Personalized Embroidered Denim Jacket

For the soon-to-be married woman, newlywed or the joyfully wedded union for more than two decades, surprise them with this jean jacket that proudly displays their recent surname. With five distinct fancy handwriting choices to select from and a variety of thread shades, from vibrant red to shimmering gold, choose the design that perfectly complements their style. Critics are “enthralled with this jacket” and have worn it during their receptions, hen parties, weddings and other special events.

Exquisite Babe Clothing Custom State Crew Neck

Home is where the heart resides, and now they will possess a reminder of the state they adore thanks to this customizable crewneck. From pale pink to pure white, blue, and dark gray, this sweatshirt can be donned for autumnal game days or simply when they are feeling a tad nostalgic. “It is incredibly adorable and cozy,” expressed one reviewer, who also acknowledged its durability after being laundered.

Club Chain Stitch Personalized Sweatshirt with Monogram Lettering

“One of my preferred methods to elevate a timeless present is to have it uniquely personalized for a cherished individual,” mentioned Isom Johnson about this embroidered sweatshirt, where the lettering aligns parallel along the collarbone.

Etsy presents for him

Greta Oto Designs Wooden Electronics Docking Station

The era of tangled wires on nightstands and dressers is now a thing of the past.

Introducing this docking station that features spaces for spectacles, a timepiece, keyset, wallet, and a cellular device. Choose to personalize it with their designation or leave it vacant for a sleeker appearance. Evaluators adore this merchandise as “the timber is of high caliber, the tint is faultless, contemporary appearance and blueprint. This is impeccable for all bedside table necessities.

Gusto Spice BBQ Rubs of the States

If they’ve always desired to experience authentic Kansas City ‘cue — the unofficial official BBQ capital of the world — or from Dallas, now’s their opportunity with these rubs from across the states. Numerous reviewers gave this to their fathers, spouses, or grandfathers, mentioning that they are “enthusiastic” about these fresh flavors.

Feminine Constructs Personalized Divot Tool

For the devoted golfer who adores nothing more than a weekend on the golf course, give him this personalized divot and ball marker set, so he can finally bid farewell to the loose change he was utilizing earlier. The ball marker also attaches to their favorite golf cap, making it simpler to locate when they have a match-winning putt.

Ludicrous Creations Mini TV Apple Watch Charging Station

This distinctive decor piece also serves as an Apple Watch charging station, with the screen functioning as a television screen, exhibiting the time. Reviewed as “ingenious and fanciful,” Apple Watches fit perfectly into the provided slot, no matter which band you have, according to reviewers.

Bands of London Leather Apple Watch Band

Elevate their Apple Watch from an everyday appearance to a more sophisticated one with this leather watch band, which can also be personalized with their initials.

A new favorite for one reviewer, this watch band is adored for its “outstanding quality” and “perfect fit.

904 Custom Personalized Return Address Stamp

With seven ink colors to select from, eliminate the need to write return addresses by hand with this stamp that does the job for you, particularly when sending out a large quantity of snail mail. “My stepfather is INCREDIBLY difficult to shop for but I wanted to buy him something I knew he could utilize. Since he is constantly mailing back bills and doing paperwork, I bought him this stamper and he adores it,” said one Shop TODAY editor.

Dear Deer Menswear Brown Western Overshirt

“This overshirt is a perfect example of an item that is both fashionable and versatile — it can be worn as either a layering piece, a standalone shirt, or even a lightweight jacket,” said Isom Johnson.

Pretentious Beer Glass Small Taproom Set

Whether they enjoy crafting their own brews or indulging in locally-made beers, they can now savor them with this taproom set that replicates the unconventional shapes of glasses found at the bar. “These are absolutely breathtaking, even better in person. The intricate design, consideration, and artistry put into these glasses is astronomical,” praised one reviewer.

Etsy gifts for children

Busy Puzzle Personalized Name Puzzle

For the child who is still learning how to spell their name or the one who has mastered it, present them with this wooden puzzle that can also be customized to feature a rainbow, butterfly, airplane, train, and other puzzle pieces based on their interests.

The hues are incredibly lovely and it surpassed my anticipations,” one evaluator expressed regarding this “exquisite memento enigma.

The LL Co. Personalized Custom Name Blanket

The bygone days of siblings arguing over who receives which blanket are long gone, as now each of them can possess a blanket that is truly their own, all thanks to this customized blanket. Opt for any of the 35 assorted colors and choose from five different fonts for a luxurious blanket that will give them the impression of sleeping on cloud nine. One reviewer expressed, “It is incredibly soft and just the perfect size.”

Dream Embroidery Store Personalized Baby Animal Bathrobe

While they are still at the stage where you can dress them in any attire without much protest, offer the newborn or infant in your life an animal bathrobe personalized with their initials or surname. Choose from a wide range of animals, ranging from reindeers to turtles, and make bath time more enjoyable with this monogrammed robe that is described as “adorable” and “soft.”

Multi Bracelet Personalized Name Sunglasses

Complete with a leather case for convenience while on the move, these sunglasses are the ideal accessory for the beach-loving individual in your life. Featuring a daisy design on one side and their name displayed across the other, these sunglasses will surely attract numerous compliments wherever they are worn. Several reviewers mentioned that they will have their flower girls wear this floral accessory, adding a touch of color and playfulness to their special day.

A Little Lark Wooden Slingshot Toy

Arrange empty soda cans or used toilet paper rolls and allow your child to have fun with the wool felt balls that accompany this wooden slingshot toy.

The woolen spheres are simple for her to engage with and gentle enough that they can partake within,” expressed one critic, implying that the expression “I’m uninterested” shall never escape her lips amidst a wintry period once more.

My Petite Gourd Personalized Embroidered Rib Knit Cardigan

Select between both cream and sage hues, as well as a few thread colors to customize this adorable rib knit cardigan with their name or playful nickname, which appears on the reverse side. “I’m captivated by monogrammed sweaters for my daughters and they also make excellent gifts,” stated one Shop TODAY editor.

Personalized Threads Shop Custom Nap Mat

A nap mat that rolls into its own duffel bag, this can be transported from the preschool classroom to sleepovers, camping trips, or lazy days when they’re stationary on the couch watching animated shows. A matching pillow is included within this mat, which is “skillfully crafted” and “extremely cozy.”

Kidodido Kids Ascending Arch

For the energetic child whose vitality needs to be contained, surprise them with this ascending arch that can be positioned with the arches facing upward or downward, depending on their preferred play style. Add a cushion inside the arch for gentle rocking, or it can serve as a compact climbing gym to traverse from one side of the living room to the other. “It’s a stunning, masterfully crafted, and versatile piece of play equipment,” shared one reviewer who has 1-year-old twins and a 5-year-old.

Etsy presents for your greatest pal

Ophis Leather Personalized Leather Bookmark

For the bibliophile who continuously folds the corners of their pages to mark their spot, gift them with this bookmark that adds a personal flair to whichever book they’re perusing.

With 15 diverse shades to select from, personalize this “completely breathtaking” bookmark with their given name, symbols, a date that holds significance for them or a brief humorous anecdote.

Custom Pet Lufu Mug

For your best buddy’s furry companion, present them with this mug that showcases the name and artwork of their four-legged friend so they are always close to their heart. This mug serves as a unique present for animal owners because of its “top-notch quality with a stunning finish,” flawlessly capturing each lively pet.

Shimmer Personalized Long Distance Friendship Necklace

If you and your closest pal have endured the trials of time and distance, surprise them with this necklace that pays tribute to the states where both of you reside, symbolizing unity with a heart in the center connecting the two. “The necklaces are absolutely adorable — the perfect length and so significant,” commented one reviewer.

Bardot Bow Gallery Opulent Knit Velour Padded Headband

Add a touch of elegance to their work ensembles with this velvety padded headband, reminiscent of the style seen in “Gilmore Girls.” Available in six different shades, this headband stands out among others due to its exceptional comfort, especially for those who wear glasses.

Subtle Art Studios Glass Tile Coaster Set

For the closest friend who recently moved into their own place or has a penchant for unique decor, surprise them with these tile coasters that “look adorable on my coffee table and bring me so much delight,” according to one reviewer.

KCrook Design Gold Leaf Oyster Salt and Pepper Dishes

A tribute to the coastal grandmother trend that took over TikTok and Instagram during the previous summer, these intricate dishes are coated with a golden finish on the exterior, resembling the appearance of an oyster on the interior.

Reviewers adore these because they’re “completely breathtaking,” and they bring “precisely the correct quantity of shiny twinkle to the surface.

Giftaroni Handwritten Recipe Platter

If Grandma’s biscuit formula is their most beloved dish, present them with a platter that will show their sweet treat for years to come, complete with her script. “The platters exceeded my wildest expectations, and we can now extend the family tradition to each of us,” said one critic, whose family adores baking New Year’s Day biscuits with a formula that has been passed down through generations.

Crafts by Aleja Memory Film Photo Keychain

Include photographs from a girls’ outing or take a journey down memory lane and incorporate a picture from each year of companionship with this pull-out camera roll film keychain. “I gifted this to my closest companion who travels everywhere in the world as a sort of ‘memory look back’ throughout his travels,” said one Shop TODAY team member, adding that “it has the most delightful design allowing it to look great on a keychain and gives the most fulfilling experience as you open it, reliving your absolute favorite moments.”

Patience and Grace Shop Personalized Wood Palette and Brush Set

If their preferred room in the house is their studio, gift them with this personalized wood palette that can be customized with up to 40 characters or symbols with an inside joke, name or nickname. “My Poppy loves to paint and I wanted to get him something that symbolizes that but also looks nice,” one Shop TODAY editor said, adding, “the seller did a great job with this and I love that it came with brushes!”

Winterberry Originals Personalized Scrabble Ornament

For the bestie who beats everyone in Scrabble every single time, gift them with a personalized ornament of their name or nickname, that also comes on a tray similar to the game piece.

“I presented four of these to my mother a few years ago with the names of her, my father, my sibling, and myself. The tears of joy that streamed down her cheeks as she suspended them from the holiday tree held a value far surpassing any of the presents I received during that particular year,” shared a Shop TODAY editor.

Etsy jewelry presents

Kathryn Riechert Stackable Name Loop

For the mother, granny, godmom or auntie who adores her kids and family more than anyone else, she can now wear their names with pride, thanks to these stackable rings. From size 3 to 13, they can display their family tree on any finger, from their little finger to their thumb. “I typically don’t wear accessories, but this loop is delicate and understated,” said one reviewer, adding that they “adore the concept of having my son’s name with me without it being a big font that everyone can read.”

Caitlyn Minimalist Roman Numeral Date Loop

Honor a birthday, anniversary or extraordinary date with this Roman numeral loop, obtainable in three distinct finishes, including rose gold, silver, and gold. “Exquisitely crafted! I was searching for a unique loop and I utterly love how this turned out,” said one reviewer.

Kaiel Designs Custom Metal-Stamped Cuff Bracelet

Personalize these bracelets with a saying, inside joke, name or date that is extraordinary to you and the recipient, and with one glance, they’ll be reminded of good times and fantastic memories. Choose between a broad range of sizes, depending on if they prefer to wear their accessories fitted or slightly loose.

Multiple reviewers observed that their anticipations were “surpassed” with the caliber and appearance of this wristband.

ILROPOSO Jewelry Easy Gold Hug Earrings

Rapid— are they a gold or a silver jewelry personage? If you are not certain, lavish them with both shades of these delicate rings. Accessible in three contrasting sizes — from 10 to 14 millimeters — pick the one that suits their ears most effectively.

Etsy wax gifts

Alphatox Gummies Geometric Crafted Candle

Incorporate this amusing shaped candle to their coffee table, entertainment center or nightstand. Obtainable in a wide selection of tones and fragrances, opt for among neutral tones such as ivory and apricot, to explosions of amber and cerulean. Pair the hue with a suitable fragrance, or try a mango-scented cloud bluish candle. “The candles are breathtaking and look so sweet,” stated one evaluator.

LaAroma Candle Co. Venus Deity Soy Candle

Append a more antiquated touch to their bookshelf or coffee table with this candle, designed after Venus. Accessible in numerous shades and aromas, choose the one that will distinguish itself among their adornments the most or blend in with their neutrals. “These candles are exquisite,” proclaimed one evaluator, adding, “I have been refurbishing and they are the ideal supplement! I simply adore the shade and form.”

Alphatox Gummies Foam Cube Candle

This candle figure has been gradually triumphing on social media platforms lately and currently you can present it to the adolescent or wax enthusiast in your life

  • Offered in a few shades and fragrances, present the ideal one for their preference, be it a pale pink or sage green tint or a pumpkin or grapefruit aroma. Numerous evaluators pointed out that they have acquired or will acquire a second acquisition, following the initial purchase of these candles that they are highly passionate about.

Loette Rose Succulent Cacti Candle

For any individual with a green thumb or the individual who cannot keep plants alive, this candle is adequate for all their succulent requirements. Choose between a cactus bloom or unscented terrarium candle. “This candle is breathtaking. It is exactly as depicted in the image and it has a delightful fragrance. Very good quality,” stated one reviewer.

The Shabby Wick Custom Candle

Now they can exhibit all their redeeming qualities on a candle for everyone to observe, from their preferred TV show to a random fact related to the candle’s fragrance. “One of my friends gave this to her sister for her birthday and she ABSOLUTELY adored it,” stated one Shop TODAY team member, adding that “it can be given to any family member or friend and provides the complete customized experience by disclosing various fun facts about this specific individual.”

Urban Kangaroo Crystal Soy Candle DIY Kit

Present them with an activity where the final outcome is a handmade, DIY soy candle. With this kit, they can create four soy candles that can be placed in either a mason jar or candle tin. With a lavender vanilla fragrance, their room will become a fresh location for ultimate relaxation. Reviewers adore this product because the instructions are straightforward to follow, the fragrance “smells fantastic,” and the final result is “beautiful.”

Etsy wall art gifts

Sweet Omens Palmistry Art Print

“With contemporary rituals gaining popularity among shoppers, this print is the ideal gift for someone who desires their home design to reflect their spirituality,” said Isom Johnson.

Each crafted print showcases a pale boundary to facilitate the process of framing, as there will be no need for trimming edges while undertaking this task.

Custom Dog Portrait

For the pet lover in your life, surprise them with a personalized and customized dog portrait. This unique artwork captures the essence of their beloved furry friend in a beautiful and artistic way. “Absolutely stunning portrait, it looks exactly like my dog! The attention to detail is incredible,” raved one happy customer.

Riverry Studio Custom House Watercolor Painting

For new house owners or the couple that recently relocated, present them with this artwork that perfectly captures their residence. Additionally, you have the option to choose between a framed version or a digital download, allowing them to select a frame that aligns with their personal style. “It’s ideal,” shared one reviewer, expressing their joy with the artist’s outstanding work that exceeded their expectations.

Sagie May Design Co. Nursery Safari Animals

Arranging a new baby’s room can be challenging, but this simplistic decor can help unify the space. These three safari animals are available in various sizes, allowing you to customize both the width and height of the prints. “Adorable prints, minimalistic and exactly what I was searching for,” praised one customer.

Consider Graphics Great Smoky Mountains Minimalist Poster

For the nature enthusiast in your life, surprise them with a minimalist poster featuring their favorite national park. With a wide selection of parks and destinations to choose from, including Rocky Mountain Park and Joshua Tree, you can find their preferred park or a combination of multiple parks for a thoughtful gift.

Wags Design Co” Custom Dog Portrait

For dog lovers, surprise them with a personalized and tailor-made portrait of their canine companion. This distinctive artwork captures the essence of their beloved pet in a beautiful and artistic manner. “Absolutely breathtaking portrait, it resembles my dog perfectly! The meticulous attention to detail is extraordinary,” praised a delighted customer.

Personalized Animal Image

For the individual fixated on their quadrupedal hairy companion, bestow upon them a personalized image depicting their pet! “They turn out exceptionally well and bear a striking resemblance to the photograph you supply,” expressed a member of Shop TODAY, while additionally noting the favorable choice of either downloading and self-printing or having it professionally printed and framed by the creators.

Dark Moth Indications Family Created Sign

Present the family members in your life with a sign that proudly displays their family tree and the date it was established. Regardless of whether they are newly wed or have a long lineage, this sign is offered in both black and white fancy handwriting. Multiple reviewers purchased this present for newlyweds and it appears “more exceptional than anticipated.”

Etsy present bins

Loosen The Ribbon Presents Cozy Hygge Gift Box

If they prosper during the fall and are completely dedicated to PSLs throughout the year, give them this fall-themed self-care box complete with a pumpkin candle, chai tea sachets, macarons, a cup, and coasters to place it on. With expedited shipping options, this present is ideal if you’re in a bind and still need to buy a gift.

Harry Potter Gift Box

For the young sorcerer or non-magical person in your life, give them this enchanting gift box that can be personalized to suit their preferences. Choose between an owl or dragon plush toy, and the rest of the box includes a Hogwarts Express ticket, a chocolate frog, Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans, and a Death Eater tattoo.

Alovecrafts Designs Engraved Kitchen Decor Basket

For the friend with a design style that leans towards rustic farmhouse elegance, give them this wooden assortment of engraved decorations and tools.



Stunning wicker bin made up of a variety of kitchen tools, ranging from a wooden chopping board to serving implements, presents an aesthetically pleasing appearance both when arranged together and when displayed individually in a kitchen.

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