Shaw must go on: Luke Shaw started playing again

Luke Shaw can be called one of the unluckiest footballers. The career of the 25-year-old left-back is full of ups and downs, disappointments and hopes that have finally begun to come true. This season, the Englishman is one of the best players at Manchester United. The show receives support from the coach and teammates, which allows him to gain self-confidence and go to the next level.

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Shaw himself admits that he used to be afraid to control and promote the ball for a long time. He lacked the confidence to take on the game. In the current campaign, Luke has averaged 16.9 races per match across his opponent’s half field. Of these, 11.1 are potentially dangerous when building an attack. Last season, the footballer’s indicators for these points became (15.0/9.0). This indicates, first of all, that the player has grown stronger, has become more self-confident and is a good option in the attack. On the left flank, on which Shaw is located, exacerbations occur regularly.

Luke is really good at attacking. In the current season of the Premier League, he has already created 52 potentially dangerous moments for the attackers. This is the best performance in the Premier League among defenders and second after Bruno Fernandes among all Manchester United players. In addition, Shaw is one of the ten most creative football players in the Premier League, regardless of position. Luke also pays great attention to standards. Coach Martin Pret helps him a lot in this. Together they work out dozens of corner kicks and free kicks, preparing for each future rival Manchester United. This work is bearing fruit. Shaw is now ranked 7th in the Premier League in terms of the number of chances created from the standards.

The Englishman has his best season of his career. He now has 6 Premier League points (1 goal and 5 assists) – more than in any campaign since joining Southampton first team. Luke has been voted Player of the Month by United fans twice in a row. The CIES Football Observatory has ranked the Show as the 4th best player in the Premier League this season. The left fullback deserved such a high rating. In the current campaign, he is a great help to the team to score points.

Shaw’s confident performance did not pass by the eyes of England coach Gareth Southgate. The specialist summoned the player to the March 2022 World Cup qualification matches. Before that, he last played for the country’s main team back in September 2018. Returning to the “Three Lions” after 2.5 years, Luke scored an assist against Albania (2-0). The forgotten footballer now plays an important role in Manchester and is a serious competitor for Ben Chilwell as a left-back on the England squad. During his still not very long career, Shaw went through many difficult moments. Now his time is coming. The main thing is not to lose confidence in yourself and in your capabilities.

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