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Remote learning delivers – Nonprofits fight the pandemic stress using the LMS

Nonprofit organizations play an important part in helping the world by working tirelessly to make it more sustainable. The entire world was adversely affected by COVID-19 starting March 2020, and nonprofits were shaken due to the economic plunge of this global crisis. 

The pandemic disabled the means to allocate resources for nonprofits, making them helpless when people most needed them. The services offered by nonprofits are in high demand. Natural calamities like wildfires, hurricanes, and the global pandemic, which shook countries beyond borders, increased the need for the number of people who need help. Disaster Management is at its peak with minimal resources from nonprofits to address emergencies. Nonprofits are needed now, more than ever! 

How the year 2020 affected nonprofits: 

Around 83% of nonprofits have seen a decrease in revenue and funding. The year was not any less of a nightmare for nonprofits worldwide as the world of giving vanished into safeguarding themselves. Individual giving dropped by nearly half due to the advent of the pandemic. The socio-economic complexities around the world are nothing less than an ambiguity for nonprofits too. Be it fundraisers, charity events, awareness workshops, or volunteer training, nonprofits need to overcome these featured crises, leading to their operational downfall and losses.

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It means the decline in staff leading to the inability of nonprofits to raise funds to keep contributing to the world of good.

How are nonprofits emerging victorious against the fight with COVID-19? 

Nonprofits have been successful in helping to establish COVID-19 response funds for food stocks during the social shutdown across the globe and to places that were hit the most by it. These organizations got people to stand together and equipped them to raise awareness on COVID-19, ways to fight it, symptom awareness, and things to do to stay safe from contracting the virus. 

According to a report released in October 2020, a considerable chunk of nonprofits changed their focus last year to the COVID-19 crises. 

Though many such nonprofits were fortunate to have received help from external agencies and people of wealth, but not all had those resources to lean on.

Since March, the arts and entertainment industry-related nonprofits saw a significant dip of 35% decrease in their workforce, whereas the education nonprofits lost nearly 13% of their employees. Many of these workers started to work from home since the pandemic started and worked entirely remotely even now – after a year. This has put employers in an exhausting state since they are not used to the complete remote work of their nonprofit workforce. 

How nonprofits are overcoming the pandemic stress using LMS for nonprofits training.

Many nonprofit organizations rely profoundly on membership fees which have shown a sound reduction in the member count. Millions of people are looking at ways to help during the pandemic, allowing the nonprofits to take volunteers for help. Though this sounds as good as the deed itself, it is difficult for nonprofits to train new volunteers in a remote learning environment. In such a remote learning environment, how do you make learning fast and accessible to all?

To meet the critical learning challenges of your nonprofit, you need a dedicated template that does it all. Take Boy Scouts of America as an example, a large youth organization in the United States, having about 2.3 million participants who are youth and nearly one million volunteers who are adults. They have a simplified training experience to accelerate training using an LMS designed for nonprofits that does it all! It helped them lower the overall operational cost and increased their administrative efficiency.

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When you want scalable remote training to achieve immediate non-profit goals or quick volunteer onboarding to help prepare and educate volunteers, LMS makes it simpler for you to be the way ahead especially in times of need!

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