Qualities that will help you find and keep your perfect job

The employment landscape of today is almost unrecognizable to that of even just a few years ago. With the considerable advances in tech and computers taking place and the seemingly unstoppable rise of IT, the web and online commerce, the world of work has been transformed – and will continue to change in the days and years to come.

However, while it’s true that tech is revolutionizing how and where we work, there will always be a demand for human staff. Sure, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rendering some jobs superfluous to requirements, but industry experts still suggest employment prospects remain good and that many of tomorrow’s jobs simply haven’t been invented yet.

Talents that will make you more employable

Of course, the starting point for finding work will always be having training and experience in a relevant discipline (for example, having Azure certification training if you want to work in a cloud-based role), but there are many other qualities employers look for in prospective employees – so-called soft skills that will go a long way to helping you find the perfect job.

Good communication skills: Almost every job requires some level of team-working and, without good communication skills, you’ll find yourself immediately on the back foot when it comes to landing a job or working with others. Being able to communicate ideas effectively is a skill that’s central to pretty much every role – as is being able to take on (and act upon) the suggestions and instructions of others. If you find you struggle with communicating, check online for inspiration that will help you improve your abilities.

Self-reliance: While most jobs take time to learn and a certain amount of onboarding is normally needed – no employer wants to be badgered day in day out by workers constantly looking for guidance or advice. While starting any new job can be a stressful experience, you should use the time wisely to learn your role inside and out and develop a keen knowledge of what’s required from you as well as the internal processes you’ll be expected to follow.

Honesty: As a character trait, the value of honesty cannot be overstated. Employers need to know they can trust their employees – not just from the point of view of knowing they won’t steal or act against them, but also from the perspective of being able to rely on their staff to do their best by the firm.

Loyalty: Loyalty goes hand in hand with honesty to a degree. If a firm is good enough to take you on and trust you in a particular role, you in turn have a measure of responsibility back to your employer. Company loyalty and standing by your firm is a vital trait, valued by all business owners.

Flexibility and adaptability: No job is perfect and there will almost always be some facets of your work that you don’t particularly enjoy. However, having the flexibility to perform in different roles for the overall good of a company will stand you in very good stead in the long run. Moreover, accepting that outside market forces often change how a business operates – and having the adaptability to accept these changes – will put you head and shoulders above other candidates.

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