Planning a Family Brunch in Doha? 5 Pitfalls You Must Avoid at All Costs

Brunch is a morning meal consumed between breakfast and lunch (hence, the name). It mostly serves as a replacement for the two meals when a person wakes up too late for breakfast.

But that isn’t its only purpose.

Today, brunches also serve as a meal planned explicitly for a particular event as an alternative to luncheons and dinners. In fact, it is one of the most preferred weekend activities in Doha, especially during informal gatherings like family get-togethers.

Although this food gathering is quite casual, you still need to plan and prepare to ensure its success. On that note, here are five pitfalls you absolutely need to avoid when planning your next family brunch in Doha:

1.   Not taking the time to prepare

If you decide to opt out of a DIY brunch at home because it’s too much work, eating out would be the best alternative.

Whether served at home or ordered at a restaurant, brunches still require a certain level of preparation. Even if you’re just going out with your family, you’ll need to have a strategy to ensure everybody has a good time.

Some of the best restaurants in Doha don’t require table reservations or advanced orders. However, these two can make brunch much more enjoyable for everyone and less stressful for you as the host.

Book a table

Booking a table ahead ensures that there is a designated area reserved for your gathering. This has quite a significant impact, especially if you’re going as a big group.

Brunches are quite popular in Doha, which means walking into a restaurant without a reservation can be disastrous. Having a table set aside in advance will help you avoid waiting too long in line to get seated.

To book a table, simply fill out the restaurant’s online booking form, send an email, or call ahead.

Advance food orders

Ordering food and drinks in advance also does wonders for brunch.

This will give you the chance to check the menu more thoroughly beforehand, allowing you to decide on your family’s meal based on your guests’ preferences and dietary requirements.

Advance orders also help reduce your wait time.

2.   Failing to consider the venue

If you’re going out for brunch, you also need to consider where you’ll be eating. With so many options out there, you will have to narrow down your choices and select one that fits your needs best.

That said, below is a quick summary of the recommended steps to take when choosing a brunch venue:

List down potential choices.

Before deciding on a venue, create a list of potential options in the area. Don’t forget to include some of the most recommended food establishments in Doha.

Determine their accessibility.

To narrow down your list, you’ll have to consider the most critical aspects of a brunch venue, starting with accessibility.

The restaurant should be easily accessible from the road and via public transport. There should also be enough parking spaces for private vehicles.

Consider the food.

The type of food offered in a restaurant is another critical criterion you need to think about. You can begin by choosing a specific cuisine you’d like to try.

Bonus tip: Don’t mix and match. Some cuisines work well with others, but that’s not always the case.

Also, be sure to account for any special dietary needs and preferences. Allergy attacks can put a damper on a good brunch with family, not to mention having someone on the table skipping dessert can be quite awkward for those of you who want their fill of pudding.

Read reviews.

Don’t forget to check customer ratings and reviews online, particularly on customer service, food quality, and ambiance. Pay attention to those with pictures that feature their food and facilities.

3.   Not knowing the best time for brunch

While there may be brunches held in the afternoon, most people want to have this meal when it’s supposed to be spent on the day – between breakfast and lunch.

Brunches often start at around 10 to 11 a.m. on any day of the week, though you might want to book an earlier reservation to make time for conversations.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to consider the availability of your guests. If most of them have nine-to-five jobs, it may be best to hold a weekend brunch.

Remember to take note of the different schedules in the family. In Doha, Thursday and Friday count as weekends, though there are a few offices that have Saturday and Sunday weekends.

4.   Forgetting to inform the guests ahead of time

Communication is a key part of event planning and preparation, and brunches are no exception.

Though it might be smaller than a grand wedding ball, family gatherings over brunch still need to be communicated well ahead to those you wish to invite. While some people are okay with an impromptu invitation, most people will have other plans on or even before brunch.

Put yourself in their shoes: Without knowing about an upcoming Friday brunch with the family, would you have declined an invite from your friends or colleagues for a Thursday night out until 2 a.m.?

After partying through the wee hours of the night, most people would need as much rest as possible the day after. This means there’s a good chance they won’t make it to your family outing.

Knowing about the family brunch ahead of time would boost their chances of attending, not to mention it could leave them in a better mood for the gathering.

Though there is no hard-and-fast rule for this, a good ballpark for sending out the invites would be a few weeks ahead.

5.   Not considering other important details

There are more details to consider for a family brunch that you must consider, so avoid taking seemingly insignificant matters lightly.

For example, your guests’ arrival must be set at the same time as your reservation or several minutes later. This will allow the restaurant staff to set the tables and prepare your orders before everyone is seated.

Remember: You’ll need to wait for the restaurant to open even if you have a reservation. This is why it’s better for your guests to arrive after the restaurant has officially opened.

Don’t forget to calculate your estimated bill well ahead of the brunch to avoid any surprises. You can also account for unexpected extra orders.

If you want to avoid additional charges altogether, it would be best to order your food in advance.

The Takeaway

Brunches are quite popular in Doha for casual get-togethers.

When planning one for your family, make sure you understand the pitfalls you need to avoid and prepare well ahead of the gathering.

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