OSRS – The Corsair Curse Quest Guide

Looking for a short, fun quest to complete? Then delve into The Corsair Curse.

If you want to take a quick break from grinding your levels or getting as much OSRS gold as possible, then The Corsair Curse is a welcome adventure. It is a short, novice quest for you to embark on, with minimal requirements. In fact, all you will need is a spade and a tinderbox, both of which you can get during the quest itself. Running low on OSRS GP? Then don’t worry. They won’t cost you anything if you find them, so no need to find OSRS gold for sale to buy OSRS gold.

Starting the Quest

Go to the crossroads north of Port Sarim, where you can talk to Captain Tock. You will be informed that his Corsairs have been cursed and will request your support. This will trigger a cutscene that will give you an idea of where to find the boat. Head to the dock and talk with Tock again to start sailing to Corsair Cove.

If you need a tinderbox, you can get one near Gnocci the Cook, and a spade can be located in the sand by the Tropic Tree near the cook’s hut. We firstly want to speak with Ithoi, who is in his hut to the southwest of the cove. Speak to the character to learn about the curse and that there are many causes. To the west of the dock, you will find a large hut where Arsen and Colin are. Meanwhile, Gnocci is a bit further west in a smaller hut. Its time to speak to the rest of the crew to find out what’s going on.


Captain Tock had requested that Arsen the Thief to head west of the cove to explore some caves. As he was confronted by ogres, he grabbed what loot he could and fled. He believes that one of the items he stole was an ancient relic, which would explain why his crew may have been cursed.

On the ship, ask Tock for the relic. You will be given the ogre artefact, so take it and go west to the Corsair Cove Dungeon. At the entrance, talk to Chief Tess who will tell you that he had picked up her tooth-picks, and that this isn’t where the curse had come from. Let Arsen know that he wasn’t the cause of the curse.

Cabin Boy Colin

Colin believes that he’d offended a mermaid whilst using a telescope. Perhaps the mermaid didn’t want to be looked at in such a manner. Go to Ithoi’s hut and you will find out that the mermaid in question is actually Bugs the ogre. Go back to Colin and assure him that the curse wasn’t his fault either.

Gnocci’s Curse

Speak with Gnocci, who states that he discovered “Her”, a demon possessed doll whilst fishing for food. He buried it by a tree near the point where he was fishing, and believes this demon cursed the crew.

Go to the mound of sand to the west of Ithoi’s hut near the fishing spot, and start digging. This will create a cutscene where you will find a clockwork toy doll. We can now let Gnocci know that it wasn’t his fault for the curse.

The Traitor

Your quest log by now should finish with something that sadys that you ruled out the theories of the corsairs. Speak with Captain Tock, who will now explain that he and Ithoi had gone away for a parlay. They would return to see that their crew and Ithoi had fallen ill. This would rule out food being an issue since Ithoi was with the captain at the time.

Go to Gnocci next, and you’ll find that he hadn’t cooked dinner that night, and that Ithoi had in fact done the cooking. Arsen will then reveal that Ithoi could be dismissed from the crew, according to his brother Francois. Ithoi will then believe that you are accusing him of poisoning his crew and question how you came to this conclusion. You can tell him that you believe that’s it because he thought the crew were going to find him.

Tell Ithoi that you know the curse is fake. Head out of the hut and use the tinderbox on his hut, causing him to run out and use magic to put the fire out. Explain what’s happened to Tock, who will ask you to take care of Ithoi.

Go back to Ithoi who will attack you. Use youR ranged attacks to take care of him, and be prepared if you are lower levels. He isn’t too difficult to no need to whip out a Twisted Bow. Once he’s dead, speak to Tock who will thank you for your services. You will gain two quest points, and access to Corsair Cove facilities too.

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