Mommy Mogul and Artist Paige  Michelle Couldn’t Care less of What You Think About Her, which is Exactly Why You Need to Know Her

Confident, brilliant, compassionate, innovative, disruptive, strategic, artist, entrepreneur, and a great mother are all names that define Paige Michelle. You might as well be in awe at her personality and power in life, arts, and business. She is, by default, a phenomenal woman whose sky’s the limit. Driven by her passion for music, she has disrupted the industry using it in conjunction with the system of Human Design. Her craft has also helped her disrupt the self-development industry.

Paige is also an unbreakable and inconvincible lady, worth all the success. People do not attain the success they want simply because of fear of the unknown and taking risks. Paige is bridging that by helping other women find fulfillment. You might as well say she is a jack of all trades, from a musician, Life & Business Strategist to a global Human Design Authority, an investor, best-selling author, to an incredible mother of two. 


She is the founder of Undefined; a personal development empire focused on helping women take immediate control of their mental, emotional, physical, and financial future. She used online educational courses, music/art, physical products, and in-depth interviews with leaders to coach. Paige is also the author of a best-selling book, The Pattern.

Growing Up 

Paige’s personality of caring no less about what others think about her started early in life. She was born and grew up in Marion, Ohio. She almost did not graduate from High school as she was more into drinking and going to strip clubs during weekends. It was the same in college, and she failed out of it. 

Paige also had her fair share of challenges with the profession, business, and relationships. She went back home after college and started waitressing. Michelle became a paralegal after lying in an interview but helped grow the company into full practice. She started blogging to be creative and express, which turned into a small organic social media business. 

In that timespan, Paige got married and had her firstborn while her business went down the drain. She further got pregnant with her second child, left her husband, and was back at her parents’ home in their basement. She tried crawling around to rebuild the business, which soared in three years. 


Paige has done one million dollars by the age of 31. Her clients have made over 18 million in three years, and she has an investment portfolio of over two million dollars. Paige has won the hearts of over 80,000 women across all platforms. She is a best-selling author and has got 17,682,000 views in the last year.


From her story, it’s clear that Paige Michelle has always sought out to be better. She has been trying different things for her betterment that has made her the indestructible lady she is today. If you are a mother looking to spread your wings and don’t have the foundation to get started, Paige Michelle is your go-to person. You can reach her by email or follow her on 



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