Meet our passionate and talented artist-cum-fitness model Maria del Prieto

We have seen so many influencers on Instagram, and we wondered what made them successful. Before any of them had reached greater heights, each of them had their share of humble beginnings, bad habits, and mistakes that they outgrew to embrace their new, empowered self.

Maria as a winner and fighter

Maria Prieto embodies outstanding talent, hard work, and perseverance–these are qualities that made her a fitness celebrity and artist. alexas-morgan. She built a fanbase of more than 5 million followers on the platform

Colombian by heart and blood, Maria moved to Miami to start her career as a model. Her adjustment in the US soil proved to be challenging, and soon, she experienced health problems. However, Maria did not allow these setbacks to detour her from direction towards her dreams. Instead, she used these trials to become stronger and sexier.

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Yes, Maria is a fighter. Starting as aimless and lost in her fitness goals, the 25-year old struggled with anemia and food disorders with her health suffering from intense dieting and inappropriate exercises at the gym. However, she transformed her life and let go of toxic habits that hindered her from achieving success. She changed her workout routines for two years and switched to guided workouts with sets, specific repetitions, weights, and specific days to train the right muscles. The result? A beautiful, sexy, and firm body that Maria always dreamed of and had made her the Champion of the NPC Bikini Fitness contest.

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The fitness influencer continued to inspire women with her body transformation. In her Strong But Sexy fitness program, she showed her followers and clients that they could achieve their dream body with the right fitness guide, time, and resources. These days, surgery is a very famous way to get the most coveted firm butt, glutes, and abs. However, Maria went against the grain and proudly claimed that she did not change anything in her body. And everything she had achieved is a product of hard work, correct dieting, and proper exercise.

Maria as an artist

Maria is an artist. She is an expert in what she is doing. And, Maria dared to be different, not caring about other people’s opinions that may only serve as blocks to attaining her goal. All this time, she dared to be different from the rest and presented brilliant health and fitness industry ideas.

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In her Tiktok, one can see Maria dancing effortlessly to her favorite music. Her free-flowing movements emphasized her body’s curves and commanded her audience to discover her more and her products.

Most dishes from her culture are mostly meaty and oily. However, Maria revolutionized cooking and presented with low calories recipes without sacrificing the taste of her food.

It was fun looking at her channel. Looking at her IG and Tiktok fills its audience with a pleasant experience. She presented her life gracefully and honestly at the same time. In her older posts, one can see her previous body that lacked muscles and curves. But the page will show more of her transformation in her recent posts while she got to enjoy more of her life.

Maria’s transformations are endless. An outstanding artist must mimic and transform the character they want to show without sacrificing their original identity. Maria has changed her life and body to perfection. You will surely enjoy all her posts as each of them offers a new idea every time. She was able to show a new set of exercises, new dishes, and weight loss secrets that entertained her followers.

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She also showed her artistry being a model. Let’s talk about her artistry in her modeling career. Whether it is for underwear, swimsuit, or casual wear, the 163-cm tall model carried herself with grace and beauty. She gave life to the clothes and apparel she was wearing with her vibrant and strong personality. For more information visit this site:  lasenorita

Her smile and grace also emphasized the character of the clothes. It’s like whatever she touches; she turns it to gold. Whenever she is out there as a model, she carries herself gracefully and acts like a queen and a winner who will not waver whatever life throws at her.

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She can quickly switch from sultry looks to a friendly, girl-next-door aura in a blink of an eye as she moves along from one apparel to another. And, the people loved her for that! Since she launched her career as an artist-fitness model, she has continued to gain more followers and widespread fame.




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