Medical astrology: Some things to know

“No one can claim to be a doctor if he does not know the basic principles of Astrology,” said Hippocrates. As we can see, the ancient physician had other references than ours.

However, considering for my part that the systems of analogical thought in force in ancient astrology probably had nothing to do with what is called today astrology … and, anyway, knowing nothing to the latter, I will explain the basics of medical astrology.

Medical astrology, commonly applied by astrologers in USA and Canada, is certainly not intended to make diagnoses in place of the doctor, but undeniably finds its use in the context of complementary support to medical therapies, and especially in that of prevention, in particular in collaboration with natural medicines.

Thus, for example, the study of a patient’s theme is intended to provide advice to optimize treatment or choose the best time for a surgical intervention, but also to shorten a convalescence, define a diet, provide appropriate psychological help, or restore the energies of the patient …

While waiting for genetics to make it possible to truly scientifically forecast the pathological evolutions of each individual, astrology would therefore remain, as it has been since ancient times, a traditional means of anticipating the psycho-physiological deficiencies of the individual field.

A correspondence system

We know, of course, that this means of investigation can offend rationalist minds who do not understand how the position of planets several million kilometers apart could have any influence on the liver or the spinal column of certain earthlings.

To this, the most serious astrologers sometimes reply that there is no more influence between the planets and the liver than between the needles of a clock and the stomach, but that it does not prevent when said hands indicate noon… the stomach is crying out for famine!

In the vast and very complex celestial mechanics, the planetary positions could therefore coincide with certain terrestrial events. In any case, this is the hypothesis favored by the ancients, even if many errors slipped into the systems of correspondences and analogies that they imagined.

Still, the astrologers of today, rich in the millennial experience of their discipline, assure us of the validity of certain laws of astrological correspondence concerning health. You can find them when you search for astrologers in Mumbai online.

They tell us, for example, that “certain positions of Jupiter in the chart more particularly draw attention to risks to the liver, or problems of plethora; while other positions of Saturn will signal arthritic terrain or depressive tendencies. ”

In the context of natural medicines – which many astrologers greatly appreciate – we can say, in the same way, that an ascending Taurus Capricorn, for example, will find many benefits in clay cures, or that a Cancer ascendant Pisces will derive maximum benefits from thalassotherapy cures …

However, these approaches to the field, still approximate at this stage, must obviously be confirmed or invalidated by other clues. But once the concordance of true clusters of clues has been established, the picture of a pathology and its probable developments will take on an undeniable consistency.

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